Marketing: There Needs to Be More Un-Marketings and Go-Givers in the World

It always amazes me when I review a job description for a web 2.0 marketing position and “will be responsible for the implementation and engagement in social media on behalf of the organization” is near the BOTTOM of the list.  What?

For the better part of the last two years, I have been searching for what I consider to be “the perfect job” in community relations / web 2.0 marketing and I have been picky about where I apply, mostly because of that very fact.  Companies and organizations STILL aren’t getting it.  The metrics are important.  Absolutely.  BUT, it’s the engagement of the audience that will bring (or improve upon) the metrics.  Without engagement, you have nothing – not a report, not a conversion, nothing.

This drives me absolutely bananas!

Social media is meant to be SOCIAL.  It’s not advertising.  It’s relationship building.  It’s building a community that ultimately will become advocates of your product or service because you have spent the time engaging with them about their needs while occasionally talking to them about yours.  Notice I do not say “promoting”. Talking. Conversing. That’s the key!

There are quite a few people who get this concept and if you’re not following them, you need to be.  Two individuals (well, three actually), come to mind.

Scott Stratten, Un-Marketing (Image courtesy of Triangle AMA, Sept 2010)

Scott Stratten of Un-Marketing.  Don’t know him yet?  Well, get to!  Follow him on Twitter at @UnMarketing or via his site.  But, mostly follow him on Twitter.  And read his book.  Entitled simply, UnMarketing it’s a best-seller and there’s a reason for that.  He takes the concept of marketing and brings it to a whole new understandable and tangible level.  The guy’s a genius!

Bob Burg, co-author (with John David Mann) of The Go-Giver and Go-Givers Sell More.  The concept of giving verses selling should not be new to you.  But, apparently, for some it is.  I read The Go-Giver in one sitting.  It was THAT good!  Since I’ve already reviewed it, I won’t say much more about the book.  What I will say is that both he and Scott are on point.  They get it!

There needs to be more “un-marketings” and “go-givers” in the world.

If you’re in marketing and/or advertising, we’re not saying to stop doing what you’re doing.  We’re just suggesting that you bring another element to the table – give of your time, talent, expertise.  Be yourself.  Be personable.  Be authentic.  Provide value.  Don’t just push your product or service.  Be real about who you are, develop relationships with the people you wish to serve and we guarantee you’ll see a…cringe… return in your investment (I loathe that terminology).

Remember the days when the milk man actually dropped milk off on your doorstep or the paperboy delivered the newspaper or better yet, the doctor made house calls?  Who do you recommend – the dairy company, the media conglomerate, or the medical staff that pushes their services to you or those that actually care about who you are and want to help you?

“Hi, my name is Lisa Sullivan and I’m a Web 2.0 marketing consultant.  Let me shake your hand,” doesn’t quite go over as much as “What can I do for you?”

The metrics will develop themselves and yes, they need to be monitored for what works and what’s not working.  But, you know what – just do it right.  I guarantee you’ll see more that work and less of that which doesn’t.  There’s your ROI (cringe).

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I see another fantastic job opportunity that I need to apply for with a company that gets it.  Hope they contact me.  😉

3 Responses to “Marketing: There Needs to Be More Un-Marketings and Go-Givers in the World”
  1. Bob Burg says:

    Lisa, thank you for writing such a powerful article. And, I’m honored that you included John David Mann’s and my book, along with one of my favorite books, “Un-marketing” by the awesome Scott Stratten. Best of success to you; any great company would do very well by having you on their team!

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