Are Setting Goals Really Necessary?

My Dream Board 2011

I can already see the topic alone would entice some very interesting responses if left as is.  BUT, let me explain where I’m coming from.

First things first, I am NOT a goal-setter in the traditional sense.  I really have only one goal in this life – to make a difference…to an individual, a classroom of students, a group of women, a city, state, small country.  I don’t care.  Just let me do what I can to make a difference.  Let me use my resources, talents, experience, etc to make a positive impact in the world around me.  That’s all I ask..and that is my only goal.

However, I am a visualizer.  Maybe the better word is dreamer.  I have dreams that I hope will come true; dreams for the next five, ten, even twenty, years.  Perhaps one would say many of them fall as a “goal” but I prefer not to use that word.  For me a goal is a measurement.  I don’t want to measure anything.  I just want to achieve.

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, I admit, I have a few but mine aren’t  specific enough to be measured, which is why I refuse to call them goals.  Rather, my resolutions are my dreams for 2011 and to help me visualize them, I used’s Dream Board software.  Here they are:


My Dream Board 2011

My Dream Board for 2011


As you can see, I’ve made my dreams realistically attainable.  Exercising 3x per week isn’t a stretch (no pun intended).  Pampering myself more doesn’t mean I have to do so once a week or once a month; just more than I currently do (which right now is rarely).  Changing my diet to eat healthier and more organically is easier for me to achieve than being specific about when I plan to change my diet completely.  Hey, I’ve gone vegetarian.  That alone is a fete.  Now, I just need to eat more organically. Taking a beach vacation just might happen as long as I can obtain that full-time job.  See?  Not hard to achieve at all!

Bottom line, I made each dream as unspecific as possible so as to make them attainable for me.  I don’t do well with specifics, which is probably why I’m not in sales for a living.  I don’t get fired up by reaching X amount of dollars each month.  I get fired up by sharing & making a difference.

That brings up a good point – there are people (individuals, sales men and women, etc.) who might work best with particular goal-setting.  For them, it’s necessary to set their goals for the week, month, or year.

But, for little ole me, I’m happy to have a Dream Board that I see posted on my wall each day or visualize when I’m waiting in line at the DMV.  That’s enough motivation for me to achieve each dream.  Stay tuned here and I’ll let you know how things turn out!

How ’bout you?  Do you set goals? Dream? Perhaps combine the two?  Would love to hear your thoughts.

Oh and by the way – if you’d like to make a Dream Board of your own, you can visit my Dream Board again on  Click the link below my Board.  It’s super user-friendly & such fun to do!  Try it.  You might discover you have attainable dreams too. 🙂



2 Responses to “Are Setting Goals Really Necessary?”
  1. Rohit says:

    I’m not much of a goal setter as well. I’m also convinced if you dream hard enough, you’ll achieve it somehow and soon enough.! Great read.

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