Come On – Let’s BEAT Cancer!

The roses above represent my mother who is a Breast Cancer Survivor!

It’s 10:12am as I type this.  There is just under two hours left and last I checked #youknowitsgoodsexwhen has made it to the Trending Topics on Twitter while #BeatCancer is nowhere to be found.  Add to that the current total of unique mentions for #BeatCancer seems to be 42,220 mentions, far below the 207,000 they had in 2009.

Come on, People.  Let’s BEAT Cancer!

OCTOBER, The Breast Cancer Awareness Month ♥

There are three reputable charities that stand to gain from this simple act –

Stand Up to Cancer


Be Bright Pink

Rather than reinvent the wheel, I’ll just link to the page all about Beat Cancer.

It takes  just a few seconds and every mention of #BeatCancer garners a donation of .05 by PayPal and Swagg.  If your Tweet, Facebook post, or blog post only says #BeatCancer, then you’ve done your job.  That’s it!  Hopefully, you will have put more thought into it but what the hey, just get ‘er done as we say in the south!

So…what are you waiting for?

A few seconds.

3 causes.

Let’s BEAT Cancer!


UPDATE as of Noon Saturday, 10/16 : The record of #beatcancer mentions was not met.  The total according to “About Beat Cancer” seems to be 118,023.  Far short of the 209,771 of last year.

Still, at the very least $5,901.15 was raised for every mention of #beatcancer and that’s not counting the additional dollars raised through additional means as well.

A simple act of adding #beatcancer or the words “Beat Cancer” to every Tweet, blog post, & Facebook status update garnered money raised for three worthy causes.  That is a WIN!

I’d give credit for the photo but I can’t figure out the name.  Do check this link for the original image and facts about Breast Cancer.

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