The Beauty of Friendship

Last Monday evening I had the pleasure of spending some serious q-time with my best gal pals and it got me thinking about how we all met, how our friendship has lasted through the years, and why.  I think the answer deserves its own blog post.

On a sunny summer morning in July of 2007, I began my employment with our local NBC station.  Little did I know a job would yield some of the best friends I have ever made.

There were five of us at the time – Ashley Sue, Courtney, Teran, Jennifer and yours truly.  Two months later, Candace joined our team and a few months after that, Jessica C came on board.  In the mix, was one gentleman who had the tough job of having to work with seven women.  A hardship, I know!  We were what we affectionately called the “community outreach team”…and we were a true team.

We were each assigned to various territories within our region.  Most of us were geographical.  Jessica C was the only one who had topical – education.  Even still, for one reason or another our territories would overlap and we’d find ourselves backing each other up, assisting each other, and just overall working as a team.

We had our ups and our downs.  We worked tirelessly for the cause spearheading the MyNC project reaching out into the communities we were charged with working with community leaders showing them how using the tool would both service them and us…well, NBC 17/MyNC that is.  The job itself was one of the most challenging and yet, most rewarding experiences of all of our lives.

Saying Goodbye to Candace (w/Teran)

A few months into 2008, Candace moved to another part of our state and we found we had to fill her spot.  Who best to take over than Jessica M who was already one of our community partners from Johnston County, North Carolina.  She understood the beauty behind MyNC having utilized it for the purpose of the nonprofit organization she was the Director of.  We missed Candace but we found a wonderful lady who could take the bull by the horns and run!

Then came March 2009.  It was the end of the first quarter, advertising revenue was way down and the company had sunk tons of money into the MyNC project with no possibility of recuperating it in a reasonable amount of time…and all of us ladies were laid off.

What was an exciting time in our professional careers and for the station turned into an unsettling moment just like that.  It was one of the toughest days we had ever had to go through.  Yet, it was also the beginning of a true friendship between us all and to this day, nearly a year and a half later it still is.

At Hi5 in Raleigh, 2/10

We – Ashley Sue, Courtney, Jennifer, Jessica C, Jessica M, Teran, and myself – try and get together as a group as often as we can, usually every other month.  We’ve seen four weddings (including Candace’s this past spring) and two additional coming up this fall.  Every time we get together, we smile, we laugh, the time just flies.  When we can’t all get together, we are there for each other by phone, in person, by text, even by Facebook.  It’s truly an amazing friendship.

Courtney and Maryann

I’ve said that we have our former boss, Maryann, to thank for this.  If it weren’t for her, we all never would’ve met but more importantly, we wouldn’t have recognized that each of our uniquenesses are really a compliment to each other and as such, have built the friendship we have.

Maryann always said that her job was to hire passionate, dedicated, talented individuals each with their own thing to bring to the table.  Well, she found a few of us and I gotta give her props for that leadership.

To my girls – I am so very glad that you have blessed my life.  I thank YOU for that.

Celebrating 2 Brides at Solas, 8/10

Friendship.  It’s a beautiful thing.  May you experience it in your life.

3 Responses to “The Beauty of Friendship”
  1. Courtney says:

    Those pictures make me smile! Here’s to you ladies!

  2. maryannbalbo says:

    This is an awesome post. I am so proud of all of you…and so proud to call you all friends. You are the best team I have ever created or worked on…Kudo’s ladies.

    ONLY problem with the post…the pic of Courtney and me was when I was PREGNANT!!! LOL 🙂

    • lasullivan says:

      Yeah, well, I tried to find a picture of you that wasn’t all about the pregnancy. LOL!

      Seriously, Maryann, if it weren’t for you, we all wouldn’t have met, had the opportunity to work together, and have become such good friends. Thank you for bringing us all together!

      Now, I’ll go read your post. 😉

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