Where Does the Time Go?


I’m so disappointed but at the same time, I’m not surprised either.  Finding that balance between when “work” ends and the FUN begins (when it comes to Social Media) has proven itself difficult.

While I knew my last post was written in June and I had every intention of catching up here, I would find myself closing my computer Sunday nights and not opening it again until the weekend.  Even then, I’d open it long enough to mostly check Facebook.  True story.  What’s funny is I’d often wonder why my on (and off) line friends wouldn’t have known about the latest upcoming Tweet Divas event or that so-and-so recently became engaged (or was having a baby).  I’d wonder and then I’d shake my head like “really?”  Now, I get it.

Where does the time go?

Maybe that’s not the best question.  Maybe it’s  – how can I make the time to continue to write/blog when all I want to do every weekend is step away from it?

Some people would say it’s a choice and I won’t argue with that.  I completely agree!  The thing is I choose to spend quality time with my family & friends over opening up my computer and typing away.  Yet, the reality is, if I want to finish that book I’ve been writing or submit a query letter for an article I’d like to publish, I have to find a balance between what I currently do for a living and where I want to go for a living.

I’m currently a social media specialist both my full and part-time.  I’ve also spoken on the subject of social media (mostly from the nonprofit perspective).  This fall, I’ll be teaching a workshop at the local community college also on the same topic.  I love social media!  But…I love to write too.  I’ve got to figure out that balance.

Anyway, that’s why you haven’t seen me in a while.  There really are a ton of writing topics locked away in this brain of mine itching to get out.  My goal is to stay dedicated to at least one post a week.  Maybe once I get into that groove again, I can work my way up to two or three.  For now, let’s start with one.

Either way, I know it will all work out because God has given me this gift of expression.  My sister got the artistic side through painting & sculpture.  I got the written expression and dare I say, the ability to carry a tune, albeit a sometimes slightly off-key one.  🙂

What about you?  This is directed to the working folk.  Have YOU found it difficult to find the time to write/blog?  What changes have you made to help balance your time?  I’m taking suggestions!

(Super cool image of time provided by FastEddie)

4 Responses to “Where Does the Time Go?”
  1. Maura McDonald says:

    Now is as good as any to to make that change. Summer daze are coming to an end and Autumn is on the horizon. I enjoy reading your posts when i have time.

    • lasullivan says:

      Maura…agreed! As the summer winds down and fall makes it’s appearance, I always look at this transition as I do that of spring – a great opportunity to make some changes for the better. Probably why I wrote this post! Thanks for pointing that out. 🙂

      And I’m glad you enjoy my writing too. That means a lot to me. Gives me incentive to keep it us as well.

      Thank you, Friend!

  2. YOU SPEND your time in friend, relatives.you use computer because it’s give good entertainment.& social
    href=rel=”dofollow”Serve Technology

    • lasullivan says:

      Definitely. The computer is great for entertainment & to keep up with the social side of things. No doubt. Spending time with family & friends is really a priority for me. Now, just to balance the two better!

      Thanks for reading & for commenting. 🙂

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