Why YOU Should Attend the Food Bank of CENC Social Media Mixer Tomorrow Night!

Tomorrow night I get to be a part of something big – the kick-off to the 3rd annual Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina Kids Summer Stock campaign event, the Social Media Mixer.  My organization, the Tweet Divas, is co-sponsor of this event and I couldn’t be happier to be a Diva today because of it.

For the Tweet Divas, it’s a chance for we ladies of the Triangle to get together and mix and mingle with those we Tweet with on a daily basis. We reaquaint ourselves with those we already know and meet IRL (that’s In Real Life) those we don’t.  Every time we gather there is always a charity element attached.  Why? Our motto:

“Because our worth is far above 140 characters”

I have spent the last month publicizing this event through our official blog, Twitter, and Facebook accounts as well as through my own personal social media networks because I believe in this cause so much.  While I don’t have children, what this campaign does to raise awareness for those families that do, is so vital to the nourishment of hungry children in the 34-county region the Food Bank serves.

According to the Food Bank:

In 2008, the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina launched a food and funds drive called Kids Summer Stock.  The purpose was to reverse the historical decrease in donations to the food bank at a time of the year when the need increases.  More than 250,000 children across the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina’s 34-county service area who currently have access to the free and reduced meal program at school will soon be on summer break.  This creates a deficit of millions of meals that are not available for these children. Kids Summer Stock has provided a combined total of 3 million meals to children and their families over the past two summers. The 2010 Kids Summer Stock Food and Funds Campaign kicks off at the main warehouse on Tarheel Drive in Raleigh on Thursday, June 3 with a Social Media Mixer. (Food Bank CENC Press Release, 5/28/2010)

See that?  250,000 kids will miss out on breakfast & lunch each day because what they qualified for in school doesn’t carry over to the summer months.  WOW!

We hear a lot about the hungry and poverty-stricken on this vast planet and we feel sorry, we donate to charitable causes that assist them, and we pray for them.  But, sometimes we forget what’s right in our own backyard.  Our very own neighbors even.  Who do you know that’s lost a job over the last two years and has had to use food stamps just to feed their families?  Think about it.  I bet you know quite a few people even though you (or they) don’t want to admit it.

If you are reading this right now, chances are you are a fortunate individual who happens to be able to support your family.  Awesome.  Now, can we ask for your assistance in supporting others during what is still a very difficult economic time?

Please join us tomorrow night at the kick-off event – the Social Media Mixer – at the Food Bank’s Raleigh headquarters on Tar Heel drive.  Information and registration can be found here: http://socialmediamixer.eventbrite.com.

Come out and support your community, support your kids.  And, bring the family.  This is not just a Divas event. It promises to be a FUN family event!  Check out our posts at our Tweet Divas site to learn about all the fun we will have.

And if you’re not from my area of the country, that’s OK.  I hope I have touched your heart enough to want to give back in your community.  Just Google search for your local Food Bank to learn more.  You’ll be glad you did.  That, I promise.

Image courtesy of the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina.

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