A Heavy Heart for Friends Who Have Lost Loved Ones

In the last five days, three of my friends will have memorialized, buried, and eulogized someone very close to them.  One lost a close family friend, the kind of friend symbolized by various trinkets in the home given by her that remind them of her.  One lost her dad to a lengthy illness.  He was only sixty-six.  Still another will say goodbye to beloved son, one who was only twenty-two years old when he went home to his Father in Heaven.

Three friends in five days.  Three very different circumstances but all dealing with incredible sorrow and pain.  My heart just aches for each of them.

Today, I find it hard to concentrate on anything I’m supposed to be concentrating on simply because in less than two hours a dad (and one of the BEST Pastors I’ve ever known) will begin the process of saying goodbye to his son as visiting hours begin and a funeral follows.  Family, friends, church members, will all pay their respects.  I wish I was there for them, physically there.  But, I can’t be.  I can only be there in spirit.

My heart is heavy today and that’s about all I can say.  May each loved one of my loved ones rest in peace and may those that hurt now feel the arms of Jesus wrapped around each of them knowing they are comforted and loved.

Image courtesy of Travelpod.


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