Social Vibe is Making a Difference – a BIG One

As far as I can tell anyway.

Alright, so the other day I was playing around with my blog, updating the look of it, adding a couple of widgets to it, all that good stuff.  I came cross a widget called “social vibe”.  Now, you know me.  I’m all about making a difference in this world.  Heck – if I could change so much of the crap we humans are responsible for, I would.  Since I don’t have that kind of power, I’ll just do what I can little by little.  Eventually, I will have done some good right?

I’m already a Tweet Diva…and boy do I love that! I volunteer to give back to community organizations, whether in-kind or through monetary donations.

Who would’ve thought to connect a whole bunch of social networks and by doing so, the connections would result in donations to a charity of your choice?  Equally as important, how can something like that be funded too?

Well, the guys behind Social Vibe are doing just that.  According to Wikipedia:

SocialVibe is a social networking website with over 1,000,000 members[1] founded by Joe Marchese, Brandon Mills and David Levy, that aims to reward publishers of social media content through mechanisms such as donations to their charity of choice.

Basically, you support brands that support the site BUT you control which brands you wish to support AND you earn points, perks, and money toward a charity of your choice (from their selection).  You can even suggest a different charity than the ones they currently partner with.  It may take time for the approval process but it is an option.  Currently, charities such as the World Wildlife FundCharity: Water, and Stand Up to Cancer, as well as several others, are partners.

My dog, Lucy, and my little feline, Blackie

Because of my heart for animals, especially abused ones, the charity I chose is the SPCALA.  I’d prefer it to be the SCPA of Wake County NC but I’ll take this for now.  As long as I’m helping animals, I’m happy.

I’m still learning the ropes behind how all this works but each time someone clicks on my Social Vibe badge at the bottom of this blog, it makes a difference to the cause I support…and I THANK YOU for that!

So far I’m impressed.  Yes, it’s another social network but this one is for a cause.

Get involved.  Make a difference for a cause that means something to YOU!  Social Vibe makes it really easy.  But, if it’s not for you, that’s OK too.  I do THANK YOU again for clicking on my badge though. 🙂


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