Rooting for Miss North Carolina USA 2010 Nadia Moffett

I have never met anyone with such drive, determination, and passion as I have met in Nadia Moffett our Miss North Carolina USA 2010.  Just thinking about what she represents makes me exhausted…but for a good reason.

I first met Nadia at a Linking Greensboro luncheon back in February at the invitation of mutual friend, Danielle Hatfield.  Danielle kept asking me to go out to Greensboro, have lunch, talk shop, and just visit.  When I saw that Nadia was the guest speaker at the February networking event, I jumped at the chance to hear what she had to say while being able to visit with Danielle who then just as graciously introduced me to Nadia at lunch.  It was a win-win kind of day!

Nadia gave an amazing presentation on the importance of a positive self-image and some of the barriers that we face on a personal and professional level.  She even got her audience involved in group discussion as a way to drive the point home.  I was impressed.

From that moment on, I knew I had met someone that I’d want to get to know better, that I’d want to help in her quest to make a difference in the community.  The very next day she and I had lunch in Raleigh as she made her way through various media stops during her press tour of the Triangle.  We spent a good hour and a half talking about her passions, figuring out ways I could help her get her message out there, and just learning that each of us has much in common. It was a fruitful and successful luncheon in many ways.

Nadia begins her day at 3am.  She heads to the gym, grabs breakfast, and then hits her daily schedule with gusto.  Whether she is speaking to young men and women in our high schools, presenting at a networking event (like Linking Greensboro), going to work at American Express (yes, she has a full-time job), or participating in events like Ignite Raleigh, Nadia doesn’t miss a beat.  And she will be the first to tell you how much she loves it all!

I am truly amazed at her energy but I’m most inspired by her passion (her nonprofit organization – Make Me A Queen or the Susan G. Komen Foundation), her desire to make a difference in her community, and her love for being Miss North Carolina USA 2010.  Nadia truly loves representing our state and she does it well.

I will be rooting for Nadia Sunday night as she struts her stuff on the Las Vegas stage in competition for the title of Miss USA.  I think she knows she has the entire state behind her.

A few short weeks ago I had the privilege of receiving an invitation and attending her official send off soiree at the Undercurrent Restaurant in Greensboro.  Many of her family, friends, and the Greensboro community came out to send her off in style.  Here is my short video compilation of that celebration:

Myself and Nadia at Linking Greensboro (in video) Image Credit to Danielle Hatfield:

Nadia, I am so blessed to call you friend and I wish you well.  You GO, Girl!

Miss North Carolina USA Image Credit: Nadia Moffett, Miss North Carolina USA 2010



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