Why Haven’t I Canceled My Facebook Account…Yet

This is a follow up to my previous post about Facebook and privacy.  Call this one a “Part 2” if you will.

The personal and professional advantages of having a Facebook account outweigh the disadvantages… for now.  Until I have blatant reason to delete my account, I’m not going to and I’ll tell you why.

#1  I LOVE many of the features – the ease & the clean, sleek look of them

From news feeds to conversing with friends via comments & posts to sharing of pictures & video, no matter where you go or what you do with your profile or on someone else’s wall, it’s easy to share and find content.  Plain and simple.

#2  The people I have reconnected with

I keep in touch with more of my high school classmates & friends back home through this medium than any other.  Whether it be email or through a similar site like Classmates.com, there isn’t any comparison.  At least I haven’t found one social networking site out there that has what Facebook has in features, ease of features, or community.

#3 The new “friends” I’ve added thanks to the connections I have made on other platforms

I have a policy with my Facebook profile and for the sake of those that just might be reading this for the first time, I’ll repeat it.  I keep my profile as private as possible.  I only allow new friends in if I know them personally or have at least met them and can comfortably sit down for a glass of wine (or a cup of joe 😉 )with them.  There are a few exceptions but ONLY a very few.

But, thanks to Tweetups and Meetups and all kinds of other networking events, there are folks on my Friends List that I am very happy to call “friend”.  I like that!

#4 Fan Pages

What those haven’t done for nonprofits I work with (and branding overall) can’t be recreated with another site in such a way that that site would overpower what Facebook does to that end.  I have yet to see evidence of this.

#5 Information derived from Fan Pages

To be honest, unless someone has Tweeted or Facebooked (I know that’s not a word yet but I’m waiting for Mr. Webster to identify it as one) their latest news, information, story, event date, what have you, I probably don’t pay that much attention.  I actually hate that I have to visit other sites to get it (i.e. Meetup.com or a local Ning site) and/or add that info to an RSS feed that is already pretty packed as it is.  I love seeing the Pages I’m a “fan” of post their latest & greatest AND that it’s attached to my news feed.  The aggregation there is genius.

Those are just my Top 5.  There are plenty of other reasons deleting my Facebook account isn’t an option right now.  Until someone creates something better (especially if it’s got more privacy options), I’m stuck in Facebook-land.  For now, I’m OK with that.

So with all that said, I’ll still be watching the latests news on Facebook and the privacy wars, especially with relation to the FTC and government action.  You had to have known that as soon as Facebook announced its world domination, the government was going to intercede, especially when user-controlled privacy is in question.

What do you think?  Why are YOU holding onto your Facebook accont or if you’ve since deleted it, why did you?  If you did, got any other options for the rest of us that you’d like to share?  Remember, those options have to be better.

I believe we are in a social world.  No doubt.  Not sure that has ever really changed.  The internet has just made it a hell of a lot easier.  The question remains how far with software engineers & companies go to strip away the protection of their customers and clients?  Equally imporant, how far will we let them?

2 Responses to “Why Haven’t I Canceled My Facebook Account…Yet”
  1. Morgan Siem says:

    Let’s keep an eye on this: http://mashable.com/2010/05/13/diaspora/ It may just be the answer to these musings 🙂

    • lasullivan says:

      Yeah, I saw this. I’m interested…but I’m not convinced. Definitely interested though and will be keeping my eye on it.

      Facebook may be bullying it’s users at the moment but what was built there is just so unlike anything else out there that it’s gonna take a little while to build something as good, if not better. These guys have the right idea and I applaud them for it, no doubt. So, it’s worth the watch!

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