Alicia Keys is Hiring – Still Hope It’s Me!

Yesterday, I mentioned that while the first phase of the application process had concluded, I still had two more videos in my quest to upload.  In yesterday’s post, I uploaded a video compilation of 3 of my colleagues & friends who spoke about why Alicia Keys should hire me.  I have one more to share.

Special thanks to Teri Saylor (Writer/Editor), Wayne Sutton (Triout), and Morgan Siem (Media Two) for their contributions to my video project.  Watch as they explain why I should be the Head Blogger for I Am a Super Woman dot com.

And…we wait.

Will I be chosen as 1 of the 60 for Phase Two of the process?  I will know “on or before May 6th”.  Keep the prayers coming and the fingers crossed.

Thanks, Everyone!

3 Responses to “Alicia Keys is Hiring – Still Hope It’s Me!”
  1. lasullivan says:

    Jean…WOW. Thank you! I appreciate the glowing endorsement. You humble me. 🙂

    Erin…why thank you for that…and for the logo. You are so very talented & I’m truly grateful. ❤

  2. efoglietta says:

    Great video, Lisa. You’re the one to beat! Keep us all posted.

  3. Jean Schnaak says:

    Lisa Sullivan is able to ignite others through social media and as well as face to face. Her reputation as a good person and great social media strategist is well known in the Research Triangle area of NC. Lisa would be great as Alicia Keys IAAS Blogger!

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