Alicia Keys Head Blogger – Deadline for Applications is TODAY!

WOW!  The month flew by fast, didn’t it? Today marks the deadline for applications (via for the Head Blogger position for the new site, I Am a Super Woman dot com.

I have been blogging & tweeting, and not to mention, I’ve uploaded a couple of You Tube videos AND opened a Facebook Fan Page as well, all in my own quest for this coveted position.  While I realize that the submissions are the first phase, I also have to believe that since the position is all about building an online community, her people have to have been checking the interwebs for activity beyond the traditional…right?

Well, I have done all that I can do.  It’s up to The Powers That Be to cut it down to 60 applicants for phase two of the process.  I hope I’m one of those 60.  And if I’m not, no one can say that I didn’t try right? 🙂

Before I wrap this up, I have two additional videos to share – one today and one tomorrow. In the video below, my colleagues Ilina Ewen (, John Lane (Centerline), and Angela Connor (author of “18 Rules of Community Engagement”), explain why Alicia should hire me.  Thanks for the support!  I appreciate ya.


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