Alicia Keys is Hiring – Game Changer!

Today, Alicia Keys &  I Am a Super Woman dot com announced further details in their search for their Head Blogger.  Some highlights:

  • There will be 60 applicants involved in blog & video posting that will be voted on!
  • Votes will help the selection committee further narrow down to 10 applicants who will be flown to New York City for quarterfinal interviews.
  • From ALL that, 3 semi-finalists will be chosen to fly to London to meet Alicia, interview her,  and cover “The Black Ball” for

First – I have to pray that I’m one of the 60 selected for the next phase.

Second – while this first phase continues (until May 3rd), I am asking YOU my readers, fans, followers, friends, family to get online and remember to:

  • Become a fan of my Facebook fan page AND share the link with everyone you know.
  • Also on Facebook, if you see anything I share pertaining to this quest, please share it with your friends as well.
  • On Twitter?  Tweet or Re-Tweet anything I have Tweeted using the hashtag(s) #aliciajob and/or #lisa4aliciakeys
  • Are you a Blogger?  Feel free to blog post your reasons why Alicia should hire me and then send me the link, Tweet it out, etc.
  • View my “Hire Me Alicia” video on My You Tube Channel here AND comment (or better yet – record a video response).

Third – IF I make the 60 applicants, I’ll be back to remind you to help me there as well. 😉

And that’s about all I can say for now.

Bottom line, I need to remind Alicia’s team that I’ve applied, I’m here, I’m passionate, and I want a shot….and I need you guys to continue helping me get there.

Once again, thank YOU for your continued support, prayers, emails, feedback, Tweets, re-tweets, etc.  It means more to me than I can possibly put into words right now.

Lisa 4 Alicia Keys

And go!


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