Colleagues Explain Why Alicia Keys Should Hire Me

Over the last week as I have attended various networking events around town –  the Ray Price Harley Davidson Open House, the SAS Social Media Analytics software launch, and the Dirt & Noise Blog Happy Hour – I asked several of my colleagues in the public relations/social and digital media fields why they think Alicia Keys should hire me as her Head Blogger for I Am A Super Woman dot com.  Here is a short video sampling of what they said:

Special thanks to the following individuals for their contributions:

Angela Connor (@CommunityGirl), Author of “18 Rules of Community Engagement” and Social Media Manager at Capstrat

Ilina Ewen (@ilinap), Blogger at Dirt & Noise

John Lane (@JohnVLane), Director of Creative Services at CENTERLINE

Morgan Siem (@MorganSiem), Social Media Strategist at Media Two Interactive

Teri Saylor (@TeriSaylor), Freelance Writer and Sports Magazine Editor

Wayne Sutton (@WayneSutton), Entrepreneur & Speaker, Social Media Strategist at Fragment Labs, Partner at Tri-Out

The Wells Family Band, North Carolina-based country/bluegrass musical group

While this is only a sampling, stay tuned here for a couple of full-length version combinations of what each person above had to say.

Thank YOU to the individuals above & to the rest of you for your continued support in this endeavor!  I appreciate it very much.

2 Responses to “Colleagues Explain Why Alicia Keys Should Hire Me”
  1. lasullivan says:

    Why thank YOU, Miss Angela!

    You know what – I am so glad we connected over a year ago IRL. You are an inspiration as well. I hope all is going fabulously at your new position at Capstrat & I wish YOU continued success too. Thank you for your support. It means A LOT to me. 🙂

  2. You deserve this job. You are creative, energetic, fun and a joy to be around. I am in your corner, my friend. The best of luck. I hope you are the chosen one.

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