Alicia Keys – A Perfect Choice for Idol Mentor

“Super Woman” herself, Alicia Keys, makes an appearance on American Idol’s Season 9 beginning tonight as she mentor’s the contestants.  Then, tomorrow evening she will perform as part of an all-star line up for Idol Gives Back. And I’m so excited to get to watch it all from my comfy couch.

BUT, I’d be a lot more excited if I got to see it in person…as the Head Blogger for her new initiative, I Am A Super Woman.  I know exactly how I would “cover” the entire experience but I don’t want to describe it here because then I wouldn’t have anything to tell the folks at AK Worldwide when they call me for that coveted interview in a couple of weeks.  *insert wink here*

Alicia should be a Mentor.  She’s got the success, the experience, and has already set the example.  Alicia Keys is the perfect choice as an Idol Mentor!

That got me thinking.  There are quite a few strong women artists out there that would make excellent mentors.  My list (in no particular order):

Carrie Underwood

Reba McEntire

Barbara Streisand

Amy Grant

Each woman has enjoyed MUCH success in their respective genres while consistently setting positive examples for other female artists as well as for women as a whole.

What other female artists can you think of that would be just as good a Mentor as Alicia?  Leave a comment below.  Don’t just list your suggestions either; explain why you chose her/each one.  I might use your answers for a future post here (or at IAAS dot com – *insert a wink again here*)


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