Strength of a Woman – The Local Side

Miss Rozlyn Sorrell

My last blog post talked of the women in (or making) history that exemplified strength, determination, making a difference, all of the above.  Today, I wanted to zone in on a local lady who does the very same thing  – Rozlyn Sorrell.

First a quick disclaimer: Rozlyn is my friend.  I have known her for the better part of 2 1/2 years.  Our friendship began when I sought her out as a “mover & shaker” in the town of Garner back when I was working the community angle at NBC 17.  Since that time, not only has our friendship gotten stronger but I have seen what an incredibly passionate professional she is.  Rozlyn exemplifies a “Woman of Strength”.

Rozlyn and I at Raleigh Auditorium for a performance

When I first met Rozlyn, it was after the Garner Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Banquet where she performed the hit “Bridge Over Troubled Water” as a duet with then Chamber Director of Membership, Amy White.  I was enchanted by her voice and as I read her bio in the Program (that was handed out to guests), I knew instinctively that I wanted to meet her.  So, I did!

At that time, Rozlyn had just opened up her Vocal Precision Studio after spending many months teaching voice out of her home office.  This was a nice transition for her and as such, she became a member of the Garner Chamber as one way to network with the community.  Since that time, her Studio continues to thrive (I’ve even taken voice lessons from her), she has been invited to perform with the NC Symphony, on stage with Raleigh’s Theater in the Park ensemble in the production “Master Class”, and is constantly booking future engagements!  But, it’s what she has done for the community that has really made an impression on me.

For the past three years, Rozlyn has produced the Vocal Precision Studio Student Showcase where many of her students get to show off their hard work and talent for one night each fall.  For her, yes, it’s away to generate income but more importantly it’s a way to provide the community a night of inexpensive entertainment that highlights the talents of her students, community members themselves.

The VPS Showcase has been a wonderful way to bring the Garner & surrounding communities out to support their very own community members…and I love that.  Rozlyn is so proud of her community and she just wants everyone else to see why!

Let me rewind for a second.  Just so you know, Rozlyn is no amateur.  She has been performing for many years including sharing the vocal stage with the likes of Barbara Streisand, Whitney Houston, Al Jarreau to name a few.  She also has had several roles in such television hits as “General Hospital”, “The New Adam 12”, and “Matlock”.

So, today, I give you my friend, Rozlyn Sorrell.  She IS a “Woman of Strength” and I can only wish her continued success going forward.

How ’bout you?  Do you know anyone in your local area that is a “Woman of Strength”?  Would love to hear who it is, if you do.  OR perhaps you can save that thought for when I get the Head Blogger job with Alicia Keys.  Yep, I’m thinking positively!


Lisa 🙂

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