The Strength of a Woman

Some days I love being a woman.  Other days, not so much!

What’s to love?  Women have been graced with the keen sense of understanding, nurturing.  We are the nurturers in the family.  Our children bond with us in a way that can only be explained by other women…because we get it.  Our husbands and significant others look to us for a sense of peace when everything else may seem topsy-turvy.  We are meant to be befriended and we have got to have several good close girlfriends to lean on, or we feel lost, don’t we?  And we cherish all the love and blessings that are bestowed upon us to the point that we aknowledge them in various ways – Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas cards…and lots of hugs and kisses.

What’s NOT to love?  One word – Childbirth.  Add to that the menstrual cycle, Menopause, mood swings – all those “M” words (or phrases), except Motherhood.  But, seriously, why does our gender have to put up with all that and more importantly, why can’t we get men to understand it?  Never mind.  Don’t answer.  “Men Are From Mars – Women Are From Venus”.  I know.

So, let’s concentrate on what to love, taking all those traits and transferring them to some really fantastic women out in the world today.  Some are famous; others are only famous to our own inner circles.  Regardless, I would like the rest of this post to center around the strong women we know (or know of).  I’ll start; you add.

Mary, the Mother of Jesus

Hello.  Do I really need to describe her?  Here was a woman betrothed to a man who became pregnant through divine intervention, a woman who was undoubtedly scorned by many around her (remember, back in those days, it was unacceptable to be “with child” if the child wasn’t coming from the man you were already married to).  She then had to give birth in a stable, never mind the fancy-schmancy maternity ward of the local hospital so obviously not existent back in those days either.  And, who ultimately, had to watch her son be put to death hung on, & nailed to, a cross made of tree trunks for all of mankind.  In my opinion, Mary is probably THE highest example of a strong woman.

Mother Teresa

A woman who literally devoted her life to aiding the sick and the poverty-stricken all over the world.  I mean, can you imagine giving up everything you are accustomed to in order to make that kind of a difference?  I know, I personally can’t.  I’m all for community, helping those in need, but I’ll be honest, I like my Blackberry.  I like Air Conditioning.  I like sleeping on a comfy bed with an equally comfy pillow.  But, I give props to a woman who did give it all up for the sake of human suffering.  God certainly blessed her!

Queen Elizabeth I

During her reign, she turned an entire country around by believing in & bringing together her people.  England went from poor to highly recognized for its power, especially in its navy.  A whole country.  She exemplified leadership in a way no other female has in the political arena.  There’s even a historical time period named after her – “The Elizabethean Age”.  Can’t get much stronger than that, can you?

Angelina Jolie

Yep.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention her.  What Angelina has done in her humanitarian efforts for impoverished children around the globe (even adopting a few of them), has to be recognized.  She’s a good actress; not great.  But, she’s an amazing woman and I have to give her some props.

Dr. Sally Ride

She was the first woman in space.  To be the first woman anything is already a feat but to take that to a whole other dimension is… well… exceptional.


What Oprah has accomplished in her professional career is amazing but what she has done for the global community is just as worth mentioning.  From starting a school in Africa to building an entire neighborhood for victims of Hurricane Katrina to most recently, starting a campaign to end distracted driving (“No Phone Zone“), Oprah exudes strength.

Alicia Keys

Ok…I know what you’re thinking – “Umm…Lisa…aren’t you vying to be her Head Blogger for her new iniative?” Yes, yes, I am, and I’m proud of it!  BUT, stepping away from that for a second, let’s take a look at the strong woman that is Alicia.

From the get-go, she was all about helping others.  She would lend her voice, artistry, even her hand to helping causes whenever she had the chance.  She is a Board Member for the nonprofit organization, “Frum Tha Ground Up”, is involved with “Teens in Motion”, and is the co-founder and Global Ambassador for “Keep a Child Alive”.  Now, she is taking on another endeavor, the one in which I want to be a part of, “I Am A Super Woman”, an initiative that empowers women and the community that is women.  To me, Alicia exemplifies a strong woman.  And, get this – she’s not even 30 yet!

There’s my list (in no particular order).  These are the women that exude, exemplify, embrace strength.  They’re not all perfect.  Let’s face it, nobody is.  But, they are all equally caring, compassionate, loving ladies who deserve to be recognized for the people they are.

Who would you put on the list?  Scholastic dot com also has an excellent list of “Women Who Changed History”.  Check it out here.

I hope I can be on a list like this someday, not for my professional accomplishments, but for the example that I hope & pray I set every single day.  Be strong.  Be worthy.  Be loved.  Most of all, believe in yourself and be a Woman of Strength.

6 Responses to “The Strength of a Woman”
  1. lasullivan says:

    Thank you, Ashley Sue! And you are absolutely right – we all have different perceptions. That’s what makes us unique….and it’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

    I appreciate the feedback, my Friend. Btw…you’re ANOTHER example of the strength of a woman. Keep the faith, Sista! You deserve ALL blessings coming your way. 😉

    • YOU are beyond sweet. And exemplary of a woman’s strength too, my friend. Tough and courageous, you are quite an inspirational woman. Just look at what you’ve done to create and build TweetDivas, serving your local community as well as the communities abroad!

      Thank you for being you, Lisa.

  2. While I don’t necessarily agree with some of the characteristics or points of womanhood you listed (we all have different perceptions and framework, right?), I LOVE this post.

    What a stellar grouping of strong empowered women. And no, it doesn’t look odd that you added Alicia Keys. You prove why she’s on that list. When Oprah had her Legends Luncheon, Keys was right there.

    What a fantastic reminder how women shape history and the future, as neglected as that point sometimes is. Thanks!

  3. Jayne says:

    Childbirth is well worth the rewards of the labor!!!!! Just sayin’!!!

    • lasullivan says:

      Jayne…I don’t have children but I’ll take your word for it. 😉 I do have nephews – 3 of them. They are an absolute joy and I thank each of their mothers for giving birth to them.

      My point in that statement was simply that women have to endure pain & discomfort in ways that men can’t understand. That’s all.

      Thank you for your comment!

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