THE Hashtag for My Quest to Work for Alicia Keys

Me Tweeting (courtesy of Camden Watts)

So last night I was having dinner with some fabulous friends prior to a media-related event I was attending and one of them asked me if I had an “official” hashtag to mark my quest to be Alicia Keys’ Head Blogger. Nope.  Didn’t have one.  But, then we created one and here it is:


Now, every time I Tweet something related to my campaign to be Alicia Keys’ Head Blogger, I will include that Hashtag at the end of my Tweets.  I ask my followers, friends, fans, readers, what have you, to do your best to keep the dream alive AND that hashtag going when you re-tweet, post, blog, etc. about my quest.  Help me get noticed by Alicia and her people!

I’m sure this needs some clarification, huh?

What’s a “hashtag” you ask?  Well, in social media circles it’s the identifier on Twitter that separates your Tweets into a category. For instance, last night’s Media Leaders Raleigh event was categorized as #MediaLeaders #Raleigh.  So you might have seen a Twitter reference similar to this –

Preso canceled. Looks like I’ll be heading downtown early. Looking forward to #medialeaders #raleigh in my #RedSox apparel. Gotta represent!

I need to spread the word about my quest.  I’ll be blogging here and soon I’ll be putting a video together as well.  And hey, if you’re so inclined and wish to help me get noticed, I’d love to see you blog or vlog about why I should be Alicia Keys’ Head Blogger too.  I’ll Tweet, Re-Tweet, post, etc. what you come up with.

I can do this.  I was MADE to do this!  With your help, I’ll get noticed and hopefully reach the next phase of the application process or better yet – get the job!

Thanks, Everyone for your kind support already.  I’m feelin’ the positive vibes.  Keep ’em coming!

2 Responses to “THE Hashtag for My Quest to Work for Alicia Keys”
  1. Morgan Siem says:

    I totally support #Lisa4AliciaKeys! I’d love to see these two women I admire joining forces!

    And to add to your post – the way I think about hashtags is this:
    -it’s like tagging or marking a tweet as part of a larger conversation
    -adding the hashtag makes the word clickable – click to see the full conversation

    Good luck!

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