Job Searching For the Right Fit

Me as Volunteer Coordinator for Ignite Raleigh, Aug 09

Well, it’s Monday March 1st.  I just Tweeted and Facebooked (Is that a word?) about this very topic.  Simply stated, after being laid off nearly a year ago, I always said that if I did not find a position in the field in which I desired, I would broaden my prospective (and potentially my location, if it came down to that).

What I Believe

Professionally, I believe that companies and organizations need to extend their promotional marketing strategies beyond the traditional.  I believe that there shouldn’t necessarily be a “Marketing Representative” or a “Social Media Strategist” but rather, a combination of the two.  In other words,

I believe Social Media strategy should be incorporated into any promotional marketing campaign.

And I also believe there are many businesses and nonprofits out there that don’t quite get that concept right NOW but, will if given a little bit more time.  Social Media is still “new” to some.  I hate to say it but I’d even consider it “foreign” to them as well.  It’s sad but it’s true.  The thing is, at some point, those same entities are going to need to jump into the social media space if they want to increase their production, sales, customers, services, whatever it is they promote.  They are going to need someone like me to assist them with those efforts.

Personally, I have also remained steadfast in my belief that God will point me in the right direction in his time.

Me with Ginny Skalski, social media strategist for Cree at the 2nd “Triangle Ladies Who Tweet” (now known as Tweet Divas) event, Nov 09

I spent the last year of my life out there networking, building up my own contact base in areas in which I wish to grab hold of the PERFECT job.  I promoted myself as a freelance marketing & social media strategist while looking for permanent work.  I think I’ve built up a pretty good base.  Now, it’s time to step back and refocus and I believe that’s the next phase in God’s plan for me.

What I Want

Professionally and personally, I want to be a member of a team of individuals that understand they need to take their promotional marketing strategies from their traditional 1.0 level to a new 2.0 level through the use of social and new media practices combined with those traditional avenues.

And I want to work for a company that understands hard work does pay off BUT also strives to keep a work-life balance for its employees.

What does that mean exactly?

One, give me a reason to promote your service or product, and I will give my job 110% to make sure its done and done to the specified results which we come up with together (I posted about this on my freelance blog here).  Whether that means I attend networking events defined by whatever the community is (i.e. national trade shows to local Chamber events) while Tweeting, blogging, & vlogging about them

OR I design the social media strategy for the company I work for & implement it while communicating & working with traditional marketing strategies, or a combination of the two, that’s where I wish my expertise to provide value.

Two, I believe this can only be achieved successfully if the schedule is varied.  This is NOT an 8-5 job.  Sometimes it is but sometimes it’s a 10-7, or 7am-4pm.  Sometimes it is weekends and sometimes it’s week nights.  And I’m perfectly fine with that.  I will get my work done in the time in which I need to but I need for my employer to believe in me so that I can still maintain a quality of life.

The “Blanket Bundles” we collected for HIS Radio WRTP, Nov 09

In other words, Iwill work my butt off for your product but I will also work my butt off to ensure that my personal life does not falter.  I believe in hard work but I also believe that “work” is not what defines us.  It’s what we do with the rest of our life that does.  I do not wish to jeopardize my home life, the volunteer opportunities that I have taken on, or my involvement with my church.  I believe life is too short to work THAT hard that it takes away from what’s just as important.  If I can work for an employer that understands that and still do the job that I wish to do, then it’s a win-win for all!

So…today I begin the refocusing phase of this job search.  If that means, I extend my search to other areas of the country, then I’m open to the possibilities.  If that means I continue my efforts in the Triangle region of North Carolina but from a broader perspective, then I’m up for that too.  Either way, it’s time to join a team that encompasses everything I’m looking for.  I know it’s out there.  I have faith.

And if you come across any openings that you think might be that “right fit” for me or that I might be that “right fit” for any employer, please let me know by contacting me at or let them know by forwarding this post link to them.  I appreciate any and all assistance in this effort.

Wish me luck & keep those prayers coming!


Lisa 🙂


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