Southern Snow Days

Though rare, yes, folks, we do get ’em.

I have lived in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area of North Carolina for five years now (it was officially 5 years as of Saturday).  In that time, I’ve seen dustings of the white stuff, maybe 1-2 inches of fluffy powder about once a year (maybe twice).  It really hasn’t been much.

The most snow accumulation I’ve ever seen in these parts was Inauguration Day 09.  At the time I was still working as a Community Content Liaison for our local NBC affiliate and even though the snow was coming down fast & furrious, we were told because we work for the media, we have to expect to “expect to be at work” that day. Thankfully, my work entailed getting local reaction to Barack Obama’s Inauguration, the historic event that it was, and I could do it from the comfort of my back yard since it consists of several restaurants & stores, all within walking distance should I have gotten stuck.  Believe you me, I thought I was going to that day.

Even with all that snow we received one year ago, it was nothing compared to the mess that we got on Saturday.  Some parts of the Triangle had up to 10″ of not only snow but sleet & ice too.  Our immediate area – perhaps 4-5 inches when all was said and done.

The sleet and ice pretty much shut down the area.  Schools and several businesses are closed today.  I can certainly understand why…and that’s coming from a born & bred New Englander.

Sheets of ice covering the parking lot

In the south, winter weather events like what we saw Saturday are so few and far between that  it doesn’t make any sense for our DOT to spend boo-koo bucks on the kind of resources states, cities, and towns have up north.  The reason northern states are better equipped to deal with mother nature’s winter wrath is simply because they expect it every year and they budget for it.  It’s almost a no brainer.  Add to the fact that there are businesses that specialize in snow removal, literally… or that offer snow removal as an added value for their customers.  There are more private plow companies up there too, something that is most definitely not needed down south.

So, when you add it all up, yeah, it’s an inconvenience to be stuck at home for day’s on end but if it only happens once every 5 years or so, adjust.  That’s all it is – an adjustment.

Keep your employees safe, keep your families safe.  Don’t venture out if you don’t have to or if you do, take it really slow and allow extra time.  I think our Triangle area residents lived up to that motto this weekend.  Considering the inch thick of ice still left on many secondary roads, it’s no wonder there haven’t been more than 4 fatalities all weekend long.

Today, I plan to catch up on video editing, blogging, job searching, all those things I can do from the comfort of my own home.  I have to admit, I’m thankful that I don’t have to be anywhere today.  For those that do, be safe & take it easy!


Lisa 🙂

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