I Resolve To

I’m not into traditional New Year’s resolutions per se.  Though try as I might (at first), I never seem to keep ’em.  I’ve resolved to lose weight, to eat  healthier, to exercise, to…and while I have made an honest to goodness effort on all those fronts each year, I have decided I need to “edit” my goals a little.  So, THIS is what I’ve resolved to do…

Continue to listen to God’s direction for my life.  Unemployment has its ups and its downs.  For some, it’s mostly “downs”.  But, for me, I have embraced my predicament with gusto and I fully believe that God had (and continues to have) his hand in that attitude.  Rather than just sit home and hope, I’ve built a professional (and personal) network of colleagues, acquaintances, and friends that are consistently keeping their eyes open on my behalf.  I have started my own little organization (Triangle Ladies Who Tweet).  I have continued to build on my skills, honing my crafts, and sometimes expanding them.  I have made unemployment “work” and I love it!  You know why I love it?  Because I have a Father in Heaven that looks out for me, that already knows the pieces to my life’s puzzle and will direct me when it’s time, HIS time.  I will continue to listen to that.

Spend one moment each day recognizing the blessings in my life. Simple as that.  I’ll even “schedule it in” my Outlook Calendar so I don’t get so busy that I forget!

Look for the simple pleasures instead of the more extravagant ones. Hey, I’m a girl.  I like extravagant things.  I’m not gonna lie.  But, I’m a realist who’s also on a terribly fixed income.  So what if I don’t go to see the newest theatrical release the weekend it comes out at the high-priced comfortable theater right next door.  I’ll just wait a couple of weeks until it’s showing at the $1.50 theater down the street.  It’ll still be worth it (unless the movie sucks and well, where’s the pleasure in that? Laugh Out Loud!)

Work on all those other things I mentioned (eating healthier, exercising, therby losing weight) only this time I will make my goals more realistic by taking them one week or even one month at a time.  Ever started a diet with vigor only to find you were done with it by the first week?  Yeah.  Not my idea of success.  I’m going for the reachable goals – i.e. next week my breakfasts will be more balanced.  Better yet, next week I’ll just have breakfast.  No more “coffee only” mornin’s for me!

Maintain my positive outlook on life.  There are several ways in my daily routine that I work on this but probably two of my most notable – my relationship with Jesus through prayer & diving into his Word and my activity on social networks.  The first one is fairly straight forward.  The second…my motto is actually an old adage.  You know, the one that everyone has heard at least 100 times in their life – “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say it at all.”  Any time I Tweet or update my status on Facebook or even write a blog post, I always try to be encouraging; not just positive, but encouraging.  Even if it’s a post about this bitter cold we are currently having.  You won’t see me write “Oh crap.  I got up.  It’s cold.  Wish I didn’t have to work today.” Instead you’ll see “BRRR!! Who turned up the air conditioner in the middle of winter?  Quick someone get me that Snuggie!  There.  That’s better.” See the difference?  It’s all in the attitude and the positive vibe it (hopefully) spits out.  Be positive.  Be encouraging.  Believe that it’s possible to be!

And that’s what I resolve to do in 2010.  I figure if I follow these simple life steps, then everything else will fall into place.

Happy New Year!  May 2010 be YOUR best one yet, full of surprises, peace, & prosperity.  And if it’s not, may our Lord and Savior comfort you in your time of sorrow, bring you peace, and show you how to move on from whatever has been thrown your way.


Lisa 🙂

One Response to “I Resolve To”
  1. Crystal Roberts says:

    Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement. I, too, am an optimist and praying that every day, I acknowledge the opportunity to go forth and do (and be) good.

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