What Thanksgiving Means To Me

OK, so I realize that the American holiday we call “Thanksgiving” has come and gone but I can’t help reflecting on what it means to be thankful.  So, indulge me for a few moments will you?

It’s amazing to me that (for the most part) we spend one day a year in thanksgiving of our blessings.  We get the day off from work, we travel to visit family (or they come to us), we stuff ourselves to the point of near sickness, and we give thanks to God for all that he has done in our lives and in the lives of those around us.

But, it’s just one day that it’s recognized.  How sad is that?

Yet, it’s a reality, isn’t it?  Sure, we say our prayers every night and we thank God for each blessing we receive as it comes upon us but we don’t celebrate it all but one day a year.  Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?

I’m guilty of it myself.  I do exactly as I write – I say my prayers of “Thanksgiving” each day and I celebrate that one special day each year.  But, this year…this year I decided to do something a bit different – I got myself and my family (which is really my husband and I) involved in as many charity events as possible, most involving food drives… and I’m so glad I did!

First there was the HIS Radio WRTP annual “Blanket Bundles” campaign that took place on Saturday November 17th.  I spent four hours standing outside in the cold (and it was COLD that morning!) taking donations from families, girl scout troops, individuals, whomever wanted to bring us a “Blanket Bundle” (bundles of food & non-perishable items wrapped in a blanket to be given to the folks at Raleigh Rescue Mission).  Regardless of the weather (and it did become sunnier as the day went on), it was worth every minute to be a part of that endeavor and I’d do it again!

From there it went to my own organization, “Triangle Ladies Who Tweet”, and our 2nd get-together where not only did we ladies mix & mingle with the Triangle area  ladies we Tweet with, but we also collected food & non-perishable items for the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina.  I had the privilege of dropping off a whole car load of items the following week.  Thank you, Ladies!

The following Sunday, November 22nd, I was part of two food drives – 1 in person and 1 where I helped provide the publicity for.  Our church, TRINITY United Methodist Church collected BAGS of food & non-perishable items that we sorted & distributed to 12 area families (through the school’s Guidance Department) from Cleveland Elementary School .  The bags were STUFFED with all the fixings for a Thanksgiving meal and then some.

Our tiny church only began six short weeks before this project so for us to fill the bags the way we did, way cool and something I will never forget!

Also that Sunday, the New England Patriots Fans of North Carolina along with several area NFL Fan Clubs competed in their annual “Foodball” where the goal was to provide tons of food & non-perishable items (also for the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina) and where the winning Club received bragging rights for the next year.  I had such fun filming the “promo” for this event with Club President, Todd King, former New England Patriot Antwan Harris, and FBCENC Food Drive/Special Events Manager Lee Cheney.  More importantly, while I couldn’t give a food donation, I did donate my time and expertise to the cause and that felt good too.

This week, I’m involved in another food drive to benefit a local area food bank.  As a part-time Town of Clayton employee and as a part of their annual Employee Banquet, each attendee is asked to bring a donation.  It’s the last food drive I’ll be part of but once again, I don’t mind sharing my blessings.

And that’s the thing – I have been blessed!  While I have spent 8 months out of work, looking for work, freelancing, what have you, God has still blessed me with so much.  Why not celebrate that by giving back?

I challenge each of my readers today to do something in the next 23 days that will positively affect the lives of those less fortunate around you.  I know the season can get stressful and sometimes overwhelming.  BUT, the more you give, the more enjoyment you’ll get amongst all that hustle and bustle.

That, I promise!


Lisa 🙂


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