Thank GOD For This Win

Redskins Lions FootballYesterday was Week 3 of the NFL football season and while I most definitely thank God for my Patriots pulling out their win, that’s not what this particular post is about.  Rather, I pay tribute to a team full of players that got down on their knees thanking a higher power for their win AND the members of the opposing team who joined them.

For 19 straight games, the Detroit Lions have lost.  That’s quite a streak and one I’m absolutely positive they were not proud of.  But, yesterday with just over 5 minutes left in the game, the Lions posted a Touch Down and held off the Washington Redskins D for the remainder of the game sealing their win with a score of 19-14.  There’s that number 19 again.  Maybe that’s their lucky number?

While the game itself was interesting to watch – two fairly equal teams (though the Lions looked to be the better of the two in the first half) vying for the better record, it wasn’t the win and the broken streak that struck me (no pun intended).  Rather, it was what happened afterwards…and I wish someone had captured this on film somewhere.

After the game as the two teams came together to shake hands, hug, slap high fives, what have you, there was a small group of Lions players huddled and knelt to the ground that were joined by a few Redskins opponents.  What were they doing?  Praying.

I was particularly impressed with the praying but I was MORE impressed by who was praying.  In that one moment, it wasn’t two teams fighting it out for the win.  It was the men of those teams coming together as a united group in prayer.  For me, it was a tear-jerking moment…and I’m not even a fan of either team!

What a fantastic way to end a winning game – to give thanks to the One that helped make it happen for them even if you were a member (or a fan) of the opposition.  That was something!


Lisa 🙂

(Image courtesy of ESPN Sports, AP Photo/Dan Sancya –

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