What I LOVE About…the Triangle (one reason)

A few months back I started a blog post category called “What I LOVE about…”  I’ve already talked about Raleigh and “Mayberry” but I haven’t gone into the whole Triangle area until today.  Even now, I’m not going to talk about ALL of the things that make up the vibrant wonderful community that is “The Triangle” (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill).  I want to focus on one particular item – technology and social media.  OK, maybe that’s two.

Last month, Raleigh played host to Ignite Raleigh, a fantastic evening in which Triangle-ites gathered together to listen to other Triangle-ites “ignite” the crowd with research, ideas, or a combination thereof.  It was a fascinating and inspiring event.

That’s just one example of the vast amount of social media/technology opportunities that exist in our community each month.  Between Triangle Social Media Club, Triangle Tweetup, Social Media Breakfast Raleigh, Triangle Ladies Who Tweet, etc. there is always an opportunity to learn & grow with as well as meet other like-minded individuals.  And if you’re just discovering social media or you don’t consider yourself a “techie” but wish to learn more, it’s all within reach because there are folks here that are willing to share their knowledge & expertise with you.  I love that!

Next month, the guys from Our Hashtag, LLC are organizing two very cool events in this area that cannot be missed:  the Deep Fried Triangle Tweetup (in conjunction with the folks at the NC State Fair) on October 22nd and the Social Media Business Forum at  NC Central Univ in Durham on October 23rd. Here’s the video announcement about the Deep Fried Triangle Tweetup:

The Social Media Business Forum the very next day is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to learn more about how to use social media marketing in their overall marketing plan as well as connect with other businesses investigating those same options.  It should be a fabulous day of learning & connecting!

I could go on and on about the opportunities here but I’ll let you investigate for yourself.  Check out the Social Carolina Calendar & sign up for their newsletter to get the latest info each week!

But, seriously, I’m so glad I live in a region of the country that is movin’ and shakin’ with the times, technologically speaking that is.  Now, if we could just get our educational system up to par but that’s for another post.


Lisa 🙂


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