Share Your Blessings!

HIS RadioNo matter what your circumstances are, you are blessed.  Do you know that?  For one thing, if you are able to read this, you are already blessed because you can read it.  Your eyesight may not be 20/20 (or it may!) but the mere fact that you can read this blog, read the newspaper, read the important flashing emergency sign on the highway, whatever it may be, you can read.  Do you see my point?  You are blessed!  Despite whatever your circumstances may be God has blessed you.

So why not share your blessings with others? 

This week, I am an avid & active volunteer for my local Christian radio station, HIS Radio WRTP.  It’s their annual Sharathon and I’m taking pledges on their behalf. 

HIS Radio WRTP is completely listener supported.  That means whomever they touch either via the FM dial or online are the very same people that bless the station with their gifts of support.  None of what they do is even possible without that.  HIS Radio doesn’t even receive grants.  It’s all from the people.  It’s all about the people.

I listen to HIS Radio Praise online nearly every single day.  It’s the kind of music that keeps me inspired to conquer whatever tasks lay ahead of me.  While there are plenty of online outlets for this kind of music, I choose to support, HIS Radio because not only is the selection of music fantastic but I’m supporting my local folks that help make it happen.  Though my gift may be small and while I feel blessed that I not only support them financially, I am able to spend three hours each morning this week assisting them with their annual effort.

So this post is a plea to all those out there that believe in being blessed, that are blessed, and equally as much are willing to bless HIS Radio WRTP with a faith donation today.  It doesn’t matter what you give.  It just matters that you give!

Help HIS Radio WRTP continue to bless the community, not just Raleigh, the Triangle, and Eastern North Carolina but also the community of listeners online (like me!).  I listen while I work but there are countless people out there that listen to just to get a “pick me up”  or perhaps while they are receiving their chemo treatments or while driving in their cars.  There are so many untold stories.  Your contribution will be appreciated more than you can imagine.

So, please consider giving.  Sharathon will be going on all week 6am-6pm (#866-447-9787) or online at any time at

We appreciate your support.  Thank you!


Lisa 🙂

One Response to “Share Your Blessings!”
  1. Mark says:

    Thanks for this note….

    Another vital part of HIS Radio’s operation are our great volunteers…..they’re part of the behind-the-scenes station engine!

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