Anniversary – One Year With Facebook


Oh my GOODNESS!  A year ago, who would’ve thought I would turn into a fan of Facebook?  Nobody I know.  I fought tooth and nail, said I was “never going to join ANOTHER social networking site” ESPECIALLY Facebook.  I figured (at the time) that I had a MySpace page, three blogs (that I couldn’t keep up with and have since been consumed into one), and a Twitter account (I was only beginning to become more active on.).  Why on EARTH would I want another social networking site?

Then, I succumbed to…something.  I can’t remember if it was “the pressure” or the fact that my employer (at the time) was beginning a deeper foray into the social media scene, much deeper than just having employees connected in the medium, but something, something nagged at me, “Go on, Lisa.  What’s one more?” And I have never looked back.  I LOVE it!

Facebook Logo

What is it about Facebook that people love so much?

For me, it’s the ease of connections.  Whether I’m connecting with family, friends near or far, or new aquaintances, Facebook allows me to keep up with just about everyone…and vice-versa. Perhaps it’s the combination of advanced software that makes “following the conversation” easier with such capabilities as being able to “comment” on a friend’s “status” update or “photo” or “link” s/he has shared coupled with the instant visibility on your “news feed” as well as through the number of “notifications” you receive, I have to say the folks at Facebook make it simple to keep up.

And that’s just some of the features of a personal page.  I didn’t even get into what it can do for “Fan” or “Group” pages and the ease of being able to intertwine either with your personal page.

I love that I can see instant photos of my nephews or share pictures from myJockeysRidge2 most recent trip or share interesting links (like to this blog), and everyone that’s connected to me can keep up with all the good (or bad; though that rarely happens – Praise be to GOD!) things going on in my life.  Maybe that’s the easy way out.  Maybe it’s easier than making a phone call or sending an email.  Sure!  But, I don’t see it like that.

Jockey’s Ridge State Park, NC 7.09

I see my “Facebooking” only enhancing those moments when I make a phone call, send an email, or heck…better yet – visit my “friends” in person.

Probably one of my favorite things about connecting on Facebook is the number of former classmates, childhood friends, & neighbors I have had a chance to reconnect with.  Just the other day, I reconnected with one of my favorite childhood friends.  She and I used to dance to the music of Styx (remember “Mr. Roboto”) or Sister Sledge (“We Are Family”) in her bedroom when we were younger.  Those were the carefree days when nothing mattered but who I got to play with and how much time I got to play with them.

That’s the thing with Facebook.  While we see so much in social media news about it’s value to businesses, organizations, nonprofits, celebrities even, that’s not the reason I enjoy it, though I do use it for business purposes too.  No.  I’m an avid “Facebooker” because I just enjoy connecting with people, especially with those I’ve either been talking to forever (on other social networks, like Twitter) & have recently met, or with those that I’ve missed for the last 25 years or so.

And if you’re wondering about privacy (or at least how private you can possibly make a social network anyway) I have this policy.  I do not allow anyone to just be “friends” with me.  I must personally know you or have met you, and most importantly, feel comfortable enough to sit down over a fabulous glass of wine with you in order for me to be your “friend”.  So, if I know you and we haven’t connected yet, you can find me here – That’s an invitation!  If I don’t know you, well, I think you get the picture.  🙂

So, today I recognize my one year anniversary with Facebook.  Who knew?  Who knew.


Lisa 🙂


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