One Week In

vegetarian-dishesTo my new (almost) vegetarian diet…and my good friend, Ashley Sue, would be proud of my progress so far.

For a while now, I’ve been thinking about eliminating meat from my diet.  Well, most meat anyway (red meat, poultry, pork).  I’m having a tough time steering away from seafood because I love it.  As a born & bred New Englander the mere thought of never having another lobster tail dripped in butter or baked stuffed shrimp or baked haddock again is not a thought I wish to have…right now.  I may slowly change my mind but I’m quite content with the decision to keep seafood in the diet.

What led to this decision, you ask?  I don’t really know.  I think it’s a combination of many things.  I’ve been eating TOO MUCH meat lately and am kinda sick of it.  My meals have not been balanced resulting in one reason I have gained a little weight.  The vegetarians I know seem to be healthier, happier, and definitely more trim; not skinny but trim.  Of course, I love vegetarian foods too – beans, guacamole, hummus, pastas, eggplant parmesan, oatmeal, etc.

Probably the biggest influence is the fact that meat is the flesh of another living thing.  Cooked or not, it’s still flesh and that has begun to (pardon the expression) gross me out.  I’m not sure why now either but it has, and I can’t overcome the overwhelming feeling I get when I think of the sweet face of that cow or bull whose insides I just ate.  Sorry to get so detailed but it’s the way it is, isn’t it?

Now, I’m not mocking anyone or trying to influence everyone to drop their burger and steak in favor of a cucumber & avocado with hummus wrap for lunch.  To each their own!  For me, it’s just a choice I made and I’m happy with it.  I have also decided to keep dairy in my diet too.  I love cheese too much to give that up.  🙂

Surprisingly, I haven’t missed meat at all and every meal I have eaten this week has been balanced and filling; not filling to the point of needing to adjust my belt buckle or anything but definitely filling.  I’ve noticed other changes too – I sleep better and have more energy during the day.

Now, the only thing left is to continue working on an exercise regimen.  Slowly but surely.  I also nearly broke a toe this week and that about slowed me down to a halt.  Don’t ask.  That’s another story.

Anyway, one week in and I feel great!


Lisa 🙂

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