A Tough Day – Memories of 911

american-flagOh boy.  A tough day.  For those of us old enough to truly remember the impact this day represents it doesn’t matter how much time passes by, the memories always come flooding back.  September 11th will be forever etched into our American history just as much as Pearl Harbor is.  For our generation, it’s a day we will and can never forget.

I was on my way to work as an executive assistant at a nonprofit center located in the heart of San Antonio, Texas that specializes in family assistance.  Driving down Highway 281 and listening to Y100, I can remember looking out at the crystal clear blue sky and thinking what a beautiful day it was.  Absolutely perfect.  Then, the DJ cut in on the song that was playing mentioning something about a “small airplane” had hit one of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and that “more details will follow soon”.  My first reaction – how sad for the pilot, his passengers, and the unsuspecting workers in the Tower that were inevitably hit by the plane.  I prayed right then and there as I continued my drive.

Within fifteen minutes I reached my destination and the only thing anyone was doing was watching the little 15-inch TV in the conference room in complete shock & silence.  No phones rang.  No one gabbed about the night before.  Nothing.  After a while, we began to mobilize to help the families from our community that were affected.  Yes, it was San Antonio but the city is also home to several military bases.  Military units were on standby, these soldiers came from various areas of the country, many from New York, so our agency had things to do to help them.

I asked to be excused early so that I could go downtown where the Red Cross had set up a blood donation center.  My boss didn’t hesitate.  She let me go.  I waited in line for 4 1/2 hours before finally leaving.  It was going to take another 2 for me to get to the head of the line so I figured I would just go back the next day.  I did.  And for days after that, all I wanted to do was pray and pray hard, collect items for the families affected, send a card or two, and call my family to tell them how much I loved them.

I will never EVER forget 9/11.  No decent American should, in my opinion.  We grieve each year the day passes but hopefully, we cherish those that continue to fight the good fight for us, our families wherever they may be, and hold onto our loved ones tighter too.

May God Bless you and may God BLESS America as this day comes to a close.

(image courtesy of – http://www.textually.org/ringtonia/archives/images/set3/american-flag-2a.jpg)

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