Is Life Good For You?

If it’s not, it should be!

Over the last several months, I have met so many people that are out of work not for any fault of their own but rather because of the nature of this economy.  North Carolina’s unemployment rate is at 11%.  Eleven.  That’s a high number and there ain’t no two ways around that.

But, the thing is you can dwell on the fact that you are unemployed, send out your resume ten, twenty, and sometimes thirty times a week,  and continue to “hope” that something will come along OR you can make something of yourself and reap the blessings that come your way that just might change things for you in the long run.  I’ve chosen the latter.

When I wake up in the morning I have a routine.  I brew the coffee, check my email (flag the important ones to follow up on later), sit on the porch and spend some time with God, grab some breakfast, head back to the computer, follow up on those emails, check my job alerts & send out my resume accordingly, and then what?  I have choices.  I could waste my day away just piddling around or I can choose to do something productive.  Choosing to be productive had led to so many wonderful blessings since being laid off  but this past week, it’s meant even more.

ChuckHesterandMeFirst, I got to meet one of the truly nicest guys in the Triangle social media cirucuit – Chuck Hester.  His “Pay It Forward” philosophy (just the decription in and of itself already brings a smile to one’s face) is one everyone should follow.

When a person gives back not expecting anything in return, when a person just wants to help another in whatever capacity he or she can, when a person spends time actually getting to know another for the sake of just being a caring human being, that person is blessed and you are blessed too.  That’s Chuck.

The biggest thing that drives that man is what he can do for YOU…and I get that!  It’s that Go-Giver / What Jesus Would Do mentality.  It’s infectious and it’s beautiful.  Just knowing Chuck is all that I need right now because I know that when I do need his assistance, I am confident that I can go to him and he will do whatever he can to help.  Thanks, Chuck! 🙂

Earlier this week I had a brainstorm that could’ve easily turned into a brainfart had I not been blessed with being able to successfully implement that brainstorm.

Through Twitter I have made many valuable connections, met new wonderfully talented people right here in the Triangle.  Some of those folks know each other and some of them don’t, but they know me.

I was following my Twitter feed on Tuesday and I came across a couple of “we haven’t met yet but we need to” posts from ladies that I know but haven’t met each other yet.  I was going to reply back that I’d be happy to “introduce my favorite people” over coffee when it hit me – I’d be scheduling 3 separate coffee meetings or one slightly bigger meeting.  Now, I know I don’t have to do this but I want to.  I want to connect like-minded people with other like-minded people.  I love that!  So, rather than schedule all those coffees, I decided to Tweet out –

OK….I’m calling it.  We need to have a “Ladies in the Triangle Who Tweet” mini-tweetup.  Who’s in?

The idea spread like wildfire.  Apparently, it was a void that needed to be filled!

There have been countless “tweetups” in this area since the beginning of 2009 (possibly late 2008; I’ve lost track) but none of them have been “ladies only” and you know how we ladies are – we LOVE to meet over a beverage or two, gab, socialize, connect!  So, what started out as a coffee intro quickly became an event scheduled for September 8th from 7-9pm at one of Raleigh’s local downtown establishments.

I’m looking forward to “Triangle Ladies Who Tweet” (I changed the name to simplify it) not because of the event that it is, but rather, because it feels good knowing that I’m a part of something that was needed.  I consider this my contribution to our ever-growing (and changing) social media community here in the Triangle.  The idea of connecting like-minded individuals together, people who have something in common that might be able to help each other out, is right up my alley.  The event and the preparation for it have all been a blessing and I can’t wait to see it come to a fruition.

Finally, probably my favorite blessing of this week has to come from my publicity work for what I consider to be a wonderful independent film that’s being produced in my own back yard.  Southland of the Heart produced by Tinkhamtown Productions has heart, complexities, action, comedy, but most of all it’s a story, a true story.

So many films in Hollywood today are written and produced under a primary genre (ie. action, comedy, romance, adventure).  The film that I am blessed to work with incorporates a balance of many genres put together and I love that!  I’m working on a “behind the scenes” video documentary of sorts that I plan to share on my film blog – The REEL Box Office Buzz – as it continues production and all the way up to its premiere.

This week, I was also asked to play a small role in the film as well.  Me!  Now, I consider myself a drama queen (well, because I love theater, film, the arts…and also because I tend to be a dramatic person every now and again too) but am I schooled in proper acting techniques?  Have I ever acted in anything in my life? No and no (although I’ve been in many a dance recital back in the day).  My point – I am floored that I get such an incredible opportunity but more importantly that the opportunity comes from a film that I really feel passionate about.  The fact that I get to share my passion of it through the publicity I generate AND I get to be in it too – now, that’s cool!

You’ll have to check out my film blog every once in a while to see the progress of Southland of the Heart.  Can’t wait to see that come to fruition too.

So, what am I trying to say with all of this? Be blessed in your life.  Sure things may not be happening as you would like them to be.  Sure, you may be in the same boat as I – without a full-time job that’s paying the bills and making ends meet.  But, you can choose to wallow or choose to make a difference somehow somewhere.  You’ll be amazed at the blessings that come your way when you do!


Lisa 🙂

2 Responses to “Is Life Good For You?”
  1. lasullivan says:

    Why thank YOU, Michelle! It’s easy. When you realize that your life is directed by a higher authority and you trust in that, that’s what makes it easy. I fully believe God has his hand in my life. Every single day I wake up blessed & happy even if I feel physically ill (which isn’t very often). The point is, I embrace what life has to offer because I know that eventually the next piece to my life’s puzzle will be revealed to me…in HIS time. Now, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have a bad day every now and then. Sure I do! The difference is I have less bad days, more GOOD. Once again…easy.

    Thank you very much for your super kind words. I appreciate it equally as much! 🙂

  2. Michelle says:

    You amaze me. Seriously you do! You got laid off in what is one of the worst economic times that our generation is going to see. One where jobs are so hard to come by that the thought of not working could mentally cripple you. And you have taken this time off and embraced it with so much positivity and energy. You have kept a smile on your face and constantly working to fill your days with productivity. It is very inspiring to see through your blog and tweets.

    Never doubt you are truly blessed!

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