It Started With a Knot

spinalcordAnd I’m not talking about the kind of knot you would tie to the line on your boat so that the boat doesn’t float away from the dock.  I wish that was the kind of knot I was talking about!  No, it’s a different kind.  Think tension.  Think of that nagging uncomfortable feeling that keeps you awake at night.  Yeah, THAT kind of knot.

It all started last week.  I noticed a knot in my back that not only made me feel uncomfortable but it also began to cause additional pain going up to my neck and down my left arm.  It was so bothersome that I found myself sleeping in the spare bedroom or on the couch (sometimes either in the same night), that I finally made an appointment to see a chiropractor friend of ours.  And that’s when I found out it wasn’t just a knot.  Nope.

On Monday afternoon, I went in for a full examination that included a battery of tests, including X-Rays.  Based on that examination, it was determined that my knot was a just a product of a combination of issues.  What I thought was going to be fixable by perhaps one good adjustment or better yet a fantastic massage, ends up being a full-course treatment set up for the next 6 months at the very least.  However, I’m not complaining.  I’ll feel better and help myself in the long run so it’s all good.

Since medical terminology is not my forte, I’ll just give you the “Skeletal System for Dummies” version.

Basically, my neck bones are straighter than they should be, my head is tilted passed my shoulders slightly more than it should be, I have a bone spur growing off one of my neck bones, and to top it all off, I have what is called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, a condition that causes irregular blood flow that in turn causes tingling down my left arm and a weakening pulse in the same area because of it, which can lead to further complications if left untreated.

Now, it ALL sounds awful, doesn’t it?  But, really, thankfully I took the initiative to visit a doctor in the very early stages so that it’s treatable (as long as I follow doctor’s orders anyway) without the need for surgery.

So for the next three weeks I have 3 different adjustments each of 3 appointments each of the 3 weeks.  On top of that, I have stretches I must do 3 repetitions of excercises 3 times a day…and that’s just for starters.  (I’m sensing a pattern.  Maybe the #3 is a lucky number and I should play the lottery?).

I’m also going to have to replace my 13 year-old mattress (that we bought for $300 and yeah…don’t get me started there!) as well as replace my desk chair with an ergonomically designed chair too.  Add to that a true need for a good exercise program and well, it’s not all that bad.

But, right now, I’m uncomfortable and I definitely look forward to feeling better soon.  So, I think I’ll go find a good spot on the couch with a couple of pillows, an ice pack, and get some rest.  After I do my stretches, of course.

The lesson – don’t ignore that “knot” in your back.  It might actually be a symptom of something more.  It’s worth going to see your family physician and/or a good chiropractor (like my friends at Crossroads Family Chiropractic) to determine if a massage & a hot bath is all that’s needed.  I did and boy am I glad!

Now…on to that rest I just spoke of.


Lisa 🙂

Diagram courtesy of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation –

One Response to “It Started With a Knot”
  1. cammicam says:

    Wow, glad you’ve got it figured out, Lisa. Hope your back is feeling better very soon!

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