Saddened by the Loss of a Colleague

I wasn’t going to post another entry today.  I’ve been concentrating on a huge project this week.  But, I just received word that one of the most beautiful and talented people I have ever met, Miss Margaret Ritchie, has passed away from a bout with Cancer.  I’m really quite saddened by the loss and I must share my memories of her.

I never would’ve met Margaret if it hadn’t been for my work with NBC 17 as the Community Content Liaison for Johnston County.  I have only known her for a short time, a little over a year and a half, but I can tell you that she made an impression on me that will last a lifetime.

I knew her as one of the leading forces behind the Clayton Visual Arts organization.  She introduced me to a fine group of individuals who’s sole purpose is to embrace the artistic community of Clayton.  They hold monthly receptions for the Artists that are chosen to grace the main floor walls of The Clayton Center, Clayton’s premiere municipal & performing arts building.  They are involved in so many other arts-related events in the community as well.

But, Margaret, she was the one that I immediately connected with.  Her passion for art & showcasing Clayton’s finest was palpable.  It wasn’t until much later that I learned she “used to be in the business” as the Editor for the Clayton News Star right up until her retirement in 2007.  DING!  As a CCL, I was looking for citizen journalists that would love to tell their “stories” on  Now, not only did we have art in common, but we had the common thread of news-telling.  Though we held different perspectives on the subject, she totally got what NBC 17 was trying to do with MyNC.  She quickly became one of my biggest supporters and contributors.

But, it’s not her support and contributions to MyNC that brought me admiration for Margaret.  It was the person she was – so beautiful, so full of life, so talented, and so welcoming.  I will never forget her excitement for Clayton’s art community.  Nor will I forget the smile she brought to my face each time I saw her.

Miss Margaret Ritchie, you will be missed.  Rest now.  You are home.

With tears of sadness and of joy,



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