Proud to Be Among the Many

Just a few short weeks ago, Billy Mays, the quintessential Pitchman for suchbilly-mays products as Oxi Clean, passed away suddenly of what was later determined to be a heart attack.  He was only 50.

Billy’s death capped off an incredible week in celebrity-land as Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawsett, and Michael Jackson had all passed away within days (or in Farrah’s and Michael’s case, hours) of each other.  Billy’s death was yet another blow to celebrityville.  But, what set Billy’s death apart from the others was that he was a different kind of celebrity.  He was a truly genuine down-to-earth person as so many of his friends, family, and colleagues have described since his passing.

I blogged about his death and the sadness I felt for his family.  So many of us had those “Happened to a really nice guy much too soon” kinda moments.

Billy’s Twitter feed and that of his son (@youngbillymays) became probably the most reviewed/followed also within days.  Billy Mays III opened up his heart to everyone that would listen on Twitter leaving many fans feeling as if they could reach out and give him a cyber hug daily.  One fan in particular suggested a “wear Billy blue” day as a tribute to Mays while another went further in suggesting that someone should compile pictures of everyone wearing their Billy Blue and make a photo collage of all the images.  Twitter follower, @antcarretero jumped on it saying he’d be happy to.

atLisaSullivan - BM TributeChoice3From that point forward, a tribute was in the making.  On the day of “wearing Billy blue” countless fans from across the Twittersphere took the time to photograph themselves in Billy’s color.  Some just wore an article of clothing (mostly shirts) in the color while others added the letters “Oxi Clean” or held up signs saying “RIP Billy Mays”.  There were individuals, two-somes, even family portraits of folks all dedicating one day in tribute to “Billy blue”.  What a wonderful thing to see many ordinary Americans come together for this effort!

It’s an amazing compilation and I’m so proud to be among the many who contributed to it.

The compilation can be seen on Anthony Carretero’s You Tube Channel at – If you haven’t seen it yet, please take a look (fyi – my pic is at about 1:20 into the video).

GREAT JOB, @antcarretero!  You did Billy (and his family) proud.  🙂

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