Use Twitter Effectively People!

It’s no secret to most people that I have been Tweeting since 2007 (though more actively since early 2008). Through my Tweets I have made some valuable business connections, referred some of those same connections to others, shared helpful (and sometimes hilarious) links with those who “follow” me, even received a couple of job prospects too! There is value in Twitter. Any individual, organization, business that uses it effectively knows that.

The issue is that there are also people out there using the service for some of the most ridiculous reasons. There is nothing worse than logging in every morning (or for me, just moving the mouse to get the computer out of sleep mode) and seeing Trending Topics that shouldn’t be trending. Who cares about things like #wordsaftersex or #whatshesaid or #bestsexpositions? Now, on a private scale, yeah, there might be some folks out there that might have an interest in those topics. That’s fine. But, for those of us that use Twitter on a legitimately professional basis, we don’t want to see that!

And yes, we can choose to ignore it. It is a choice after all. But, come on folks – go find another forum to get your game on, so to speak! Let Twitter be what it was intended…and I’d like to believe that is supposed to act as a means to connect people in a positive, professional manner; not one that encourages discussion on topics that don’t reflect that.

I was debating on whether I should blog about this issue. I mean, I’m sure I’ll get some responses along the lines of “Well, then YOU should get out of the kitchen if you can’t stand the heat!”or something to that effect. But, then I thought about it, I’ll bet there are MORE people that agree with me than disagree and so I speak for all of them too.

There. I said it. I feel MUCH better. Now, discuss!


Lisa 🙂

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