Pep Talks and Self-Portraits

I was feeling kinda down earlier today but then I got some pep talks (courtesy of Facebook) from some of the BEST people I know. That picked me right back up again as did sitting by the pool for 2 1/2 hrs. of pure relaxation and this –

My Billy Mays tribute submission.

Turns out a fan of Billy Mays suggested a different kind of tribute today – wear “Billy Mays Blue” for Billy all day. Another fan jumped on the train and further suggested a photo collage of everyone wearing their Billy Mays blue to give to the family as a tribute from his fans. This is all unfolding on Twitter as I speak. Check Billy Mays III and Anthony Carretero’s Twitter feeds for all the info. Way cool! Can’t wait to see the final product.

There have been so many different tributes to the recent celebrities who have passed away. I love that! I love it when communities of fans band together in support of those that have left this world and in support of their families too. It’s a true example of generosity and human spirit. And while yes, they may be celebrities, they are also people too.

Seeing the various tributes out there is definitely enough to pick one up out of whatever funk one is in. Thanks to the Billy Mays tribute idea and those pep talks I mentioned, I know I was picked up out of mine.

There’s still some time left to add your picture to the Billy Mays collage. Go to @antcarretero ‘s Twitter feed to learn more.


Lisa 🙂


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