I Have Had Enough!

For the first time since being laid off at the end of March, I can honestly say I’ve had enough of this unemployment thing. I know what I want to do. I’ve got skills that can make it happen, not to mention that are also marketable. I’ve sent out plenty of resumes and while I know that something will come along at some point (and believe me, I do know that), I’m just tired; tired of searching, tired of hoping, tired of watching the size of my wallet get thinner and thinner. Most of all, though, I’m tired of NOT doing anything!

Thank you to all those that caused this economic downswing, including a thanks to myself cuz I’m sure I had a small part in it somewhere. Had our country’s financial health been a helluva a lot more healthy, I wouldn’t be in this dang predicament!

Man, I loved my job. I really did and there was so much more to learn and grow from too. Not to say that I can’t get that anywhere else; just saying that I really just loved where I was.

But, anyway, that’s neither here nor there at the moment. I continue to press on. Like I said, I know something will pan out somewhere. I’m just dying to take these skills I have acquired to the next level and do something with them. So, here’s to hoping that I’ll receive an answer to prayers, to resume submissions, to making contacts, to it all sooner rather than later.

The job hunt continues but I’m just tired of it.

And now I feel MUCH better. Thanks for letting me vent! Time to press on…


Lisa 🙂


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