Pop Goes The Culture

Me with my signed poster from Anoop Desai, Season 8 American Idol Top 13 Finalist

I hardly ever talk “pop culture” on here but I just gotta put my two cents in on this year’s race for THE American Idol.

Anyone who knows me know that I absolutely love my music. I’m the kinda girl that sings in the shower, to the bathroom mirror with hairbrush in hand, in the car (yes, I’m the one with the windows up, music blaring, tapping to the steering wheel, and singing along with the radio), in the house (with the slider and windows open singing to the top of my lungs). Yeah, I’m that girl.

I was also the girl who sat at the back of the school bus and sang to my hearts content to whatever was on the radio upsetting many of my peers. Personally, I think they were just jealous. There was even a time when I thought I could be a singer when I grew up. But, then….I grew up. I realized my voice was pretty good but my desire to work my butt off to be on stage was not nearly as pronounced as I once thought. So, I live vicariously through my love for all things American Idol.

Having followed the show since Season One (and when I say follow, I mean every single episode is DVR’d and watched), I have to say this particular season is the most talented yet! It has been a truly tough competition. Every single one of those kids who made it to the Top 13 deserved to be there for one reason or another. With that said, though, yes, I had my favorites; five of them actually (and in this order) – Allison, Kris, Adam, Anoop, and Danny. I predicted, or rather, I hoped for Allison and Adam for the finals but hey, looking at my list of favorites, I wasn’t that far off, now was I?

Here’s what I loved about Anoop – he represented that dream, my dream. Here was a guy who absolutely has a wonderful tone to his voice. Every single time he sang a ballad, that tone shone through. He was on pitch. He was magnificent. His only downfall – he didn’t shine on the up-tempo songs except for when he performed Bobby Brown’s My Perogative during Hollywood week. Then, he was amazing. After that, I don’t know what happened. Maybe it was the ever so repeated “song choice”. I don’t know. But, I do get what the judges mean when they say that so….. Needless to say, getting as far as he did at #6 wasn’t so bad. If he continues to work on his talent, he should do well in the music industry.

I enjoyed Danny. I loved his back story and was so happy to see him go as far as he did. And while the judges kept saying it was a “singing competition” (which it reality it is; no pun intended) and while he has a beautiful voice, I never saw him as THE American Idol. I always saw him as the guy who would follow his heart and his passion in the genre he feels most comfortable in – soulful music, almost Gospel/Christian but not exactly. That’s not to say that soulful-type or Gospel/Christian isn’t “Idol” material or that I can’t stand the genre. I love, love, LOVE that medium! It’s just that traditionally, “Idol” winners break into the pop/R&B categories with the exception of Carrie Underwood who was clearly Country and as well she should be. To this day, she is (in my humble opinion anyway) THE Idol to beat! My point – I just never saw Danny as that person but I do wish him well in whatever genre in puts out his first album in.

Allison, to me she was the package. She undoubtedly has the talent. She’s young, has “a” look; maybe not “the” look but has “a” look. Every single week, she performed to near perfection. Song choice, schmong choice. She always stepped up her game and again, in my humble opinion, set the standard not only for the women but for the men. I think her only problem was…and Simon said this at one point too…she needed to show more personality, more of who she is to America or perhaps, be less “shy” on stage, if that makes sense. And I don’t mean she was a shy performer; far from it! Rather, she just appeared to be a bit shy when it came time to listen to the judge’s commentary. I don’t know but there was something that just didn’t sit right with America despite her God-given talent. Either way, she is one to watch in the future and will certainly do well!

Now we’re left with the final two – Kris and Adam.

Adam, since Day One, I have said he is in his own league. He sets the bar so far off the charts that it’s almost a moot point for him to even be there. He takes songs, re-arranges them to unbelievable arrangements, and then performs them not only to technical perfection but his stage presence is magnificent every…single…time. How on EARTH do you beat that? Seriously. I predict America will make him the winner. Yet, I don’t want him to win and believe me, it’s not because I don’t like him. Oh no, he’s amazing! It’s just that he doesn’t belong there. He is so good why on earth no one hasn’t snatched him up yet is beyond me. And so, I want someone else who, (I hate to say “needs” this competition cuz I’m not sure that’s the right word but) I want someone else to win that can gain from this competition and for me, that’s Kris. Adam will do fine no matter what happens.

Here’s what I like about Kris. He also has that package that I was talking about with regards to Allison. He’s got obvious talent. He can sing and re-arrange songs and perform them to near perfection too. I think he’s better looking that she is. I mean, the guy is cute! But, seriously putting that aside, he’s the guy that I think needs the win. He needs the boost to his career whereas Adam does not. That’s not to say that I don’t think Kris won’t sell records cuz I do. I’ll be the first one to download it to my IPOD, no question. But, the boost that being THE “American Idol” can get an artist is so tremendous that I totally want Kris to receive that.

So, in conclusion, my vote(s) will be for Kris but I have a feeling Adam will win. If I’m wrong, well…WOW. Either way, both deserve only the BEST that could come to any individual with the truly God-given talent those two have and I will root for them both from here on out!

There. That’s my two cents. What’s yours? Who do YOU think should take the coveted prize? Would love to hear ’em! Comment below and perhaps, I’ll use your thoughts for a future post.


Lisa 🙂


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