The Job Search – Day One

Last week, after the lay off, it was a combination of surreal, clean up, wrap up, organize, all that jazz. Today begins the hard core search…and rescue…of my professional career. Where to start?

In truth, I actually begun the “search” part of this over the weekend. I was too interested to see what is actually out there for someone with my skill-set as well as if there were any positions open that I would get all fired up about. I found a couple actually and plan to email those employers today.

I also discovered that in my current market, there’s not enough availability of jobs in the positions in which I wish to strive for. In fact, unemployment is so high in this state, it’s kinda scary. Preferably, I don’t wish to move. I love it here! But, reality tells me that I just might if I can’t find a position in the career path in which I wish to continue…and that’s scary too.

But, I press on! As I said in Monday’s post last week – I have skills that are marketable. I am marketable. Something will come along. I know it.

So, let’s get started! Blog post. Check. Next on my “To Do” list…


Lisa 🙂


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