The Patriots Are Making Moves

The New England Patriots trade Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel to the Kansas City Chiefs, ironically the very team whose defense caused Tom Brady’s injury that sidelined him for the entire 2008 season.

This is the part of the off-season I usually ignore – the trading. For me, football is about the play on the field. Come September every year, I’m an avid NFL fan. I’ve even joined my local Patriot’s Fan Club just to watch with some folks from Beantown on any given Sunday. However, the incredible moves being made this weekend have caused me to take notice.

Strategically, the Pats are most likely doing the right thing overall. The trade this weekend secures team ownership three second-round draft picks in addition to their already four first-round picks and their very own first round pick for a whopping total of eight draft picks. It also frees up close to $18 million in salary cap space. The Pats are on the move!

On the one hand, I get that. On the other, I’m playing safety here in that if Tom Brady isn’t up to par next season, then I want a QB on standby that can do the job in his stead. All signs point to Brady being healthy enough for 2009 but I can’t shake that thought of “what if?”.

Not to mention, as a Cassel fan too, I have to wonder if he will do as well under a new leadership team. Sports reporters have been saying that the terms of the trade are suprising given that Cassel’s only tape (pro or college) comes from his play for the Patriots; kinda my train of thought. I want Cassel to be somewhere where he can continue to cultivate his craft and under the tuteledge of Belichick and Brady, he has (or should I say “had”?) that opportunity.

And Vrabel, selfishly I’m going to miss him. He’s been such a clutch player for many of the Patriots BIG wins in the last few years. I still have images of him waving to the crowd after the very first Super Bowl win. One of the vets, Vrabel has been a leader on the team, able to adapt and adjust whenever it was necessary. He’s an unbelievable LB and a class act too! Bostonians and Patriots fans everywhere are going to miss him. Boston sports writer Karen Guregian said it best –

the news of the veteran linebacker being traded to Kansas City was met with a sizable sense of shock and sadness yesterday.

It’ll be interesting to watch the rest of this part of the off-season unfold. I’m now officially interested in draft day, almost enough to watch it…and I usually don’t.

Goodbye and good luck to two outstanding players of the game. I wish you well!


Lisa 🙂

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