Celebrating 40!

No, I’m not 40 yet but I’m working my way to being and feeling fabulous in my 40s!

Remember last month I had said that I was going to do something different each month to celebrate me on my journey to 40? In January, I received a one-hour luxurious facial and a new haircut all in the same afternoon. Going out that evening, I felt special!

This month, I decided with Valentine’s Day being on a Saturday, there was really only one thing that I wanted and it wasn’t for just me but rather to celebrate my marriage. My husband and I enjoyed a nice dinner of chicken parmesan with a side of linguini, fresh baked bread, and a bottle of wine – all homemade (well, except the wine, of course)…and I didn’t even have to clean up! It doesn’t sound like it’s too special but given my schedule of late, the state of the economy and how it’s tightened up our wallets, I figured I would have my “me day” as a “we day”. I still felt special because my husband’s chicken parm is exquisite and I could relax after my meal (that in and of itself is very special!).

That’s not all. I also said last month that I was going to start eating healthier and excercising so that I would look and feel even more fabulous come October. Well, I did that. I have begun the transformation (minus Valentine’s Day of course). I have a friend back home who’s going to hold me accountable too. Thanks, Donna! 🙂

So, while I don’t have some exotic story to tell for February, I am on the road to feeling fabulous at 40. That’s a good thing!

What am I going to do for March? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out!

Lisa 🙂

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