Delay the DTV Transition?


Obama’s not even in office yet and he’s already making a mistake, at least in my very humble opinion. He is urging congress to pass a bill to delay the DTV transition by three months with the new date for the conversion being June 12th. Seriously?

First off, it’s bad enough the government is mandating that every single person in the US that owns a TV (which is just about every single person) switch their signal from analog to digital. Remember George Orwell’s 1984? Maybe George wasn’t far off after all? But, to mandate it, spend the money on advertising, educating the public, requiring television stations to do the same, spend all this time and effort, and then to postpone the transition just because it’s estimated that there are still 7.8 million people that don’t get it. Well, here’s what I say – BUMMER for them!

In the interest of full disclosure, yes, I work for a television station. Even still, though, I am also a TV viewer and consumer. If people are truly watching TV, how the viewer could miss any notification of the transition and what it means to them is just plain silly!

The government has been drilling this idea into our heads for nearly two years now, more adamantly in the last year. There is concern about the poor and elderly in our nation. Well, I have concern for them too but they have had nearly two years to plan…the same amount of time as the rest of us. What makes them different? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. If the government is THAT concerned about that demographic, then they should be making every effort to ensure those folks are taken care of, I mean since they are dictating this and all.

For Obama and his constituents to think that delaying the inevitable is going to make a bit of difference, that’s just ludicrous!

But remember, that’s only my humble opinion.

Lisa 🙂

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