Feeling Lost

I’m feeling a bit lost today. Once again, I spend another Sunday morning wishing I were at church. We’ve been here over 3 years now and we have yet to have found a comfortable place to call “home”. I can’t speak much for my husband but I know for me, I miss having a church of my denomination with a blend of traditional and contemporary worship, with a dynamic Pastor, that offers wonderful Bible study opportunities for ladies, and that’s within a 5 mile radius of home. We have had that everywhere we have lived except for here and it saddens me.

I’m Lutheran or more specifically, Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS). I’ve always attended a Lutheran (LCMS) church. Now, while I live in the “Bible Belt”, the area I live in is surrounded by Baptist, Presbyterian, and Methodist churches. Lutheran-LCMS churches are few and far between. Even some of the more progressive non-denominational churches that I have attended where I have actually enjoyed the service have a Baptist tie-in. I know some of you reading this are probably saying, “So what?!” I have nothing against Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Catholic, what have you. It’s just I have come to realize that I miss going to a Lutheran Church. That’s all.

Now, there is a Lutheran Church – LCMS in Clayton that seemed kind of nice but we weren’t impressed with the Pator there nor was I happy that the contemporary service was so early in the morning either. We attended a church in Cary too but it was a weekend of a special service and while that was important to that church at that time, we wished we could’ve gone another weekend. We may try it again. There is also one in Wake Forest, about a half an hour away. A half an hour isn’t too far of a drive so we may try that one out next weekend.

Anyway, so this morning I’m feeling a bit disconnected from my faith. Thanks to a sleepless night, I slept in much later than normal and so we’ve decided to watch the online service at C3 Church, the mega church in my backyard, while sitting here in our pajamas with a cup of coffee in our hands. At least we’re getting some teaching this weekend but we pray the Lord will lead us to just the right church home for us…and soon.


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