Made Some Changes

This is going to be short and sweet because I have blogged twice already today and I’m kinda tired but I thought my readers needed an explanation about some of the changes I have made recently.

Ladies (and gentlemen), I have decided to keep my blog, “Ummm…Yeah I Have an Opinion” on hold for a while. As noted in my links listing, it’s “sleeping”. I won’t delete it because I happen to like the writing of the posts and I may get back to it eventually but for now, I’m going to just let it sit.

Move over, though, I have added two more blogs to my blog links, both of which I also write. The first one – The REEL Box Office Buzz – I write for my day job at NBC 17. The other – In the Pits With Lisa – I just started writing…like…yesterday (You’ll have to go read it to find out why.) Pits is something I needed to do and something I wanted to do. Eventually, I may take it to a whole new level. For now, it’s just sitting there and I’m hoping to gain interest…lots of it. In the coming days, I’ll be personalizing it more, adding widgets, etc. So check back to see the changes I make there too.

The bottom line, I’m a writer trying to hone my craft. I have interests and I need to keep doing this if I’m going to learn and grow. It takes some time. Sure. But, I believe it all will be worth it…eventually.

Check me out at whichever link you wish!


Lisa 🙂

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