Have I Lost My Mind?

Well, no. Not really.  Those who know me might think I have because this is the third blog that I write.  Now that I think about it…hmmm…maybe I have lost it!  But, here’s the thing, though.  I went to my first EVER NASCAR race this weekend and now I’m hooked, so much so that I went searching tonight for blogs about NASCAR specifically written by someone like me.  I couldn’t find one.  So, I decided to start my own.  My thinking here is that perhaps there are others like me out there that are overnight fans of the sport and are dying to share in their experiences.  I’m hoping that those same people will dialog with me on this site.  I’m hoping.  Give me a day or two to work on it, though.  I need to add my own personality but once I do, look out world – here comes another female NASCAR fan!

Ladies (and gentleman), start…your…ENGINES!!

See you in the pits,

Lisa 🙂

One Response to “Have I Lost My Mind?”
  1. Kay says:

    Oh my God, we have created a monster!

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