So this is not of local Raleigh flare but to a certain extent it could have repurcussions for Raleigh, specifically the TV ratings competition. I could talk about the ever-present drought and the issues that revolve around that but I think it’s pretty much being covered. Instead, I care to discuss my overall disdain for my topic – the Writer’s Strike and how it’s affecting the masses.

And it is, too. You may not think so and you may not care too much about it but believe it or not, the repurcussions don’t just fall on the lack of new shows being filmed and showcased. It falls much deeper than that.

Case in point. I have recently become aquainted with the folks at Sweet Carolina Gourmet located in the Garner/Cleveland area. If you haven’t tasted Sweet Carolina’s treats, you are sorrily missing out! Recently, the company was selected by In Style Magazine to provide their very special treats as part of In Style’s Red Carpet packages for the stars. Well, as most of us that pay attention to Hollywood’s awards season know, we didn’t have a typical showing of the Golden Globes last night because of the Writer’s Strike! Now…Sweet Carolina shipped their treats off last Monday prior to hearing about the cancelation of the event. Somebody out in California just might be enjoying some good old fashioned Carolina baking as I type! I feel bad for the folks at Sweet Carolina but at the same time, I know their goodies are so GOOD that I have no doubt in my mind that they will be asked again to provide for the Stars. I know they will!

So, I got to thinking about this. Sweet Carolina Gourmet wasn’t the only company that lost out last night. Think of the caterer for the dinner, the locale for the event, the other companies that were specially chosen to provide goodies for the Stars. What about the event production companies that provided the staging for outside of the venue to the bleachers to the red carpet itself? Then, what about those ratings? NBC couldn’t have pulled in half the ratings it would have had the traditional format been shown, which in turn means less profit and that also trickles down.

The Writer’s Strike affects a whole lot more than what you might think. Yet, I will also say that I completely agree with the reasoning behind the striking writers. The studios really need to come to some kind of agreement between all parties…and soon.

Up next are the Grammy’s and the Oscars. Will we have the same issue? Good LORD, I hope not!


Lisa 🙂

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  1. forgetfulone says:

    Not to mention, who’s writing our soaps!? Argh!

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