Happy New Year!



It’s my first post of 2008. I don’t know how profound (or pathetic) I will be but I just felt we are 5 days in and I haven’t said SQUAT! So I better hop to it!!

In one of my last posts, I talked about making New Year’s Resolutions. I have decided I’m not going to and I’ll tell you why – I just can’t come to terms with picking one (or 2 or 3…)! What I will do is tell you what I am hoping my 2008 will be ~

Filled with love. I say that because 2008 is the year that my husband and I celebrate our 10th anniversary (in July). I may be a busy lady with all my professional duties but I tell ya what – NOTHING, absolutely nothing, surpasses the position my husband holds in my life. So, this year, I hope to continue to fill our home with love. Perhaps spend a little more quality time together, get away for short weekends alone every now and then, find a church that we can call home, etc. That’s what I will strive for.

Spiritually fulfilled. I am missing the relationship I used to have with God, the one where I belonged to a church family that I was involved in, that I loved, that I felt a part of without feeling overwhelmed by (and that can happen, believe it or not). I am also missing alone time with God too. I need to find time in my day to spend with him more than just my daily prayers on my 20-30 minute drive to work each day. I neglect my Father in Heaven and I shouldn’t. So, I will strive to build a better relationship with him.

Filled with opportunities for professional growth. I do not wish to do what I am currently doing forever. That much I know. While I enjoy what I do (and I really do), I know that God has bigger plans for me. I have a talent, a gift – my writing. I want to continue to cultivate that. I want to grow in my gift so that I can take it to the next level. Now, what that level may be, I don’t know but I trust that God is taking me there already…step…by…step!

Filled with opportunities to give back to my community. Whether it be my local one or my global one, I want to find ways (and the time) to give back to those in need. How? I haven’t thought about that yet but I do know that I strive to make this happen. I feel my best when I’m giving back my gifts and talents to others. It’s a beautiful thing!

Surrounded by good friends and special times together. It seems as if I (or they) are always saying, “We should…..” but then we never do! Anyone else have that problem? I think it’s time I put my “We shoulds” into action! That’s what I will strive to do this year – spend quality time with those I care about.

Filled with good physical health. I will be the first to admit, I am out of shape. I know it because when I dance around in my living room to the 80’s tunes I listen to, within two songs I’m already gasping for air. I could say that I am getting old and it comes with the territory but I think I’d rather take another route. I will strive to find ways to be more physically active to increase my endurance and thereby becoming healthier. I also strive to eat healthier too. As of today, no more fast food…not that I ate THAT MUCH of it but today I cut it out all together.

And that’s my List of Hopes for 2008. And yes, I could’ve said “I resolve to” or “my goal is” but I know myself better than that. When I say “resolve” or “goal”, I usually end up disappointing myself. Last year, I “strove” (and yes, I put it in those terms) to do something professionally and I found a way to make it happen. I strive this year to fill it with all my hopes. I believe I can make them all happen.

What about you? What are you hoping to do in 2008? I’d love to hear some of your ideas.


Lisa 🙂

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2 Responses to “Happy New Year!”
  1. forgetfulone says:

    Admirable hopes, everyone one of ’em. I hope you find a church home in which you’re comfortable.

  2. forgetfulone says:

    Admirable hopes, everyone one of ’em. I hope you find a church home in which you’re comfortable.

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