I’ll Take Some Smoke With My Fries Please!

Smoking. Two words – Ewwwww…GROSS!

I bring it up because it was a topic in another post on one of my new favorite Raleigh Blogs last week, Dare Society, and as of January 1st, 2008, there will no longer be any smoking allowed in public state buildings. That in itself is a HUGE step given the fact that I am in the Tobacco state.

I hate cigarette, pipe, or any other kind of tobacco smoke. I despise going into a restaurant or sports bar (or any bar for that matter) only to sit down and breathe in someone else’s bad habit. How many cells in my own body have I killed just because of the environment I was in? Then, to return home only to smell like smoke and still taste the smoke in my mouth…goodness! Sometimes I have to take a shower before I go to bed just so that I can remove as much of it as possible.

I feel bad for people who have picked up this nasty disgusting habit. You know why? ‘Cuz it’s a habit…and one that’s hard to kill (no pun intended). I truly do understand that and God Bless those that can quit smoking.

I am very thankful that my mother finally quit after 60+ years of being a smoker. Her body has begun healing. Plus, it has made the lives of those who love her who are around her so much more healthier because we are no longer subjected to inhaling the stuff ourselves. That’s what’s great about this new law too. It sets into motion hopefully additional laws down the pipeline, ones that will benefit society as a whole.

Maybe someday I will be able to walk into my favorite restaurant in Raleigh and not have to worry about waiting for a non-smoking table to be available. And maybe someday I’ll be able to sit down at the bar at Buffalo Wild Wings for a Sunday football game and actually enjoy the atmosphere that surrounds me. Maybe someday.


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One Response to “I’ll Take Some Smoke With My Fries Please!”
  1. forgetfulone says:

    I am so thankful that Webster (the little town where most of the Clear Lake area is actually located) saw fit to pass this law before I moved here. I’m an ex-smoker, and I absolutely can’t stand it! My mom finally quit after 50+ years. You know how she did it? Prayer! Would love to see you. Glad to keep up with you through blogs.

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