What Is It About Christmas?

I just noticed that I haven’t posted in 18 days. I’m so sorry about that, folks! It’s been kinda busy in my neck of the woods. As a blogger, though, I have been keeping up with my work blog (http://blogs.wncn.info/lsullivan). I just haven’t given this one the time that it deserves. Must be the busyness of life again.

Christmas. It seems every year that it comes so fast and is gone even faster. It could also be that I didn’t have my usual time off (Christmas through New Years) since I did switch jobs mid-year. That might have made the holiday go by quicker. In fact, I know it did.

I love this time of year. I love the meaning behind Christmas. I prefer not to refer this time of year as the “holiday season” except if I use it in the context of Christmas and New Years only. While I do recognize that there are various religious and cultural celebrations that occur during the season, imho there wouldn’t be SUCH a celebration of it if it weren’t for Christ and his birth. THAT’s the only reason I celebrate. Everything else is secondary. There…but secondary. And if I offend anyone, I apologize. I’m just stating fact, here. They don’t call it “Christmas” for nothing and we don’t celebrate it (the season) around the world to the degree that we do if it weren’t for CHRISTmas. Really.

So, stepping down from my soapbox here…I absolutely LOVE this season – what it stands for, the merry days, the smiles on people’s faces, the laughter, the parties, the gathering together of friends, family, or both, the fragrances of the decorative pieces placed throughout the homes we visit, the aromas from the kitchens….Ahhhh…. I love this season!
We had a wonderful time visiting family in the Tennessee mountains. The weather was perfect. No snow, unfortunately, but perfect nonetheless. It was a special time for us all as we found out that my in-laws are expecting their third child in the summer of 08 and it was the first time that we had spent Christmas with that side of the family. What fun we had! From going to church on Sunday to going for a horseback ride on Christmas Eve to singing by the fireplace Christmas night, it was a really wonderful experience.
That’s the way it should be – Christmas. We should all be so blessed to enjoy the reason for the season.
How was yours? I’d love to hear more stories…
Lisa 🙂

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