The Price of Progress

I got the idea for this post from another one over at Raleigh Philosociety’s blog. M. Lail talked about how News Channel 14 Carolina reported on the Triangle is still exploring options for Light Rail, especially now that Charlotte’s Light Rail is up and running. I commented on Matt’s post and at the time that I did, I said I might wish to save it for my own blog. I saved it and I’m ready to vent!

Here’s the thing….the Triangle and surrounding communities are growing at such a rapid pace, probably more rapid than was predicted (or even imagined). I’ve only been here for just under 3 years and in that time I have seen the 64 Bypass open, the 70 bypass being constructed, the extension of route 54, the opening of I-540 (and the talk of extending that even further), and the banter back and forth for a toll road. I believe you can call this GROWTH! This is good. Complaining about it is not.

Who’s complaining, you ask? Honestly, I can’t pinpoint exactly who it is (organizations, government leaders, citizens, etc.) but the bottom line is people are complaining. “They” say they don’t want a toll road because no one will use it. “They” say they don’t know where Light Rail would run and some certainly don’t want it to run in their backyard. So, I guess the alternative to both would be to sit in traffic on already heavily congested roads??

I hate my commute. I live in the southside of town and I have to come in via I-40 to the Beltline split. I then take the Outer Beltline to the office. What should be a 20 minute commute…and I said this in my comment in the Raleigh Philosociety blog…most mornings turns into a 40 minute (or longer) commute. I pass by more fender-benders and minor bumps and bruises every single morning…and it drives me bananas! My point – if I have to commute 40 minutes for a 20 minute ride under “normal” conditions, I’d rather be sitting on a train and reading a good book or checking my email on my laptop or god forbid, working mobiley (is that a word?), then to fight the good fight every morning. I’d rather be.

Bottom line, growth in this area is not going to subside. It’s going to continue. Shocker! For goodness sake people, be open to change. Be open to the possibilities. Be open to less taffic! Now there’s a concept.


Lisa 🙂

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