SOMEBODY Needs Driving Lessons!

I’ve been wantin’ to put this post up for a few days now but other obligations have prevented me from voicing my opinion on this topic. While I have a little bit of time (and while I’m on a roll with my blogging today), I thought I’d take a moment to vent. That’s exactly what I’m about to do – vent.

I was driving to work the other morning after rush hour. Now, rush hour itself is usually a pain in the patooty because I encounter more accidents in the morning commute than I care to, which usually makes me late! This particular morning, however, I didn’t have to be at work at the usual time and that’s when I began to watch others as they drove around me, literally and figuratively.

I have never seen so many drivers change from the right (or middle) lane to the left lane and continue at the ridiculously slow speed that they do. It’s absolutely absurd! On this particular day, I counted 4 drivers within a 17 mile commute that cut in front of me continuing at the same speed they were going in the “other” lane. It ticked me off! The worst of it is that it wasn’t like I was driving obscene speeds to get to work either. As a matter of fact, I was driving 65 mph often in the middle lane switching to the left when others would cut in front of me and continue to drive 50-55 mph. I hit the brakes more than I should have had to. Man, when I got to work I was steaming mad and ready to write but alas, the clutter on my desk called to me instead. I’m making up for lost time, I guess you could say. SOMEBODY needs driving lessons!

Phew! I feel better. Once again, it’s only my opinion.

Lisa 🙂

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One Response to “SOMEBODY Needs Driving Lessons!”
  1. absent.canadian says:

    Amen, sista. People who drive slowly in the left lane should be vaporized.

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