Football in England?

And no…I’m not talking about Soccer. It’s a crisp Sunday afternoon here in North Carolina. I’ve just spent the morning cleaning the house and doing laundry just so that I can go to the movies in a few minutes. For the first time today, I decide to turn the TV on and what do I find – a regular season NFL game being played in London, England’s Wembley Stadium. The Miami Dolphins compete against the New York Giants…in England! WOW! It’s kinda bizarre while at the same time pretty damn cool…I think so anyway.

I know this is the NFL’s way of gaining exposure and hopefully, enough fans to warrant some popularity across the pond. Why not? With the arrival of David Beckham and his incredible talent to help boost soccer in this country, why not do something to boost one of America’s favorite past times in Europe? What a way to come together, especially considering the politics between countries right now is a bit…shall I say…tense. It’s nice to see something we can work towards without all the negativity that usually associates with. Wembley is packed! Proof positive this is a GOOD thing.

So…I think I’ll watch a bit more of this game…with a smidgen of interest…while I await the time to leave for the movies. Who will I root for? The Giants but only cuz I have a friend or two that are Giants fans. I’ll support their team. My team (the Patriots) kicks off at 4:15.

Lisa 🙂

EDIT: I saw Gone Baby Gone today. Read my review here: We Let Lisa Loose At the Movies?

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